View Full Version : Odd one - Behavioral neuroscientist, Ex A&P mech

03-14-2009, 3:58 PM
Who knows who might lurk on these boards...

PhD in psychology, behavioral neuroscience, performed behavioral studies and slice and behaving animal electrophysiology.
Was an FAA licensed airframe and powerplant mechanic, working mostly on military kingairs.

Outside the box thinker, high mechanical aptitude and insight. Not only performed all aspects of experimental work, but also motorized the 72 channel commutator for the recording rig. concept to functioning prototype in ~ 1 month with ~$20 of radioshack parts. And the motorization didn't alter the commutator in any way (no voiding warranty...), and worked fantastically.

Like problems, hate tedium.

Have gun, have brain, will travail. ;-)

03-15-2009, 1:53 AM
Bump for neuroscience.