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lol insane

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Now thats funny. While I was reading that, The only thing that came up in my head was the jokers face laughing.

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Holy hollowpoints, Batman!

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all should be allowed to carry a loaded pistol at there on behalf, with out governents ok.

But then again there are some, that should never be allowed to handle the safety spoon they are being fed with.:chris:

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holy sh*t, bad *** man... I love it!

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OMG. . . now thats some good stuff there, if you are going to go out in a blaze of glory, stab you room mate, taze him, dress up as the Joker, grab your girlfriend and go on a slow speed chase til you crash your car, then have your girlfriend refuse to shoot you, so you point the gun at a cop and hope they finish the job. . .which they do!
I can see the epitaph already. . . here lies Spc DumAss. . . which he was. . .

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since when was a mini van the joker mobile? :D

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Three cheers for CCW in National Parks ! This is why we need it.

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For the lazies -

FRONT ROYAL, Va. – A soldier dressed and wearing face-paint like Batman villain The Joker was shot and killed by police in the Shenandoah National Park after he pointed a loaded shotgun at them after a chase, an FBI affidavit says.

Army Spc. Christopher Lanum, a suspect in the stabbing of a fellow soldier at Fort Eustis, was killed hours after the attack when officers attempted to stop the minivan he was driving, according to court documents filed Wednesday that first disclosed the weekend shooting.

Lanum's girlfriend Patsy Ann Marie Montowski, a passenger in the van, was hit by gunfire and treated at a hospital. She was arrested Wednesday evening and charged with being accessory after the fact to assault, authorities said.

A lawyer for Montowski was not listed in court documents.

According to the FBI affidavit filed in federal court in Montowski's case, Lanum was dressed in The Joker outfit at the time of an argument early Sunday with his Fort Eustis suite mate, Spc. Mitchell Stone. Montowski told the FBI that Lanum idolized the character.

Stone told emergency workers that Lanum stabbed him and used a stun gun on him, authorities said, adding he was taken to a hospital for serious injuries and later released.

Stone told emergency workers that Lanum stabbed him and used a stun gun on him, the affidavit said. Stone was taken to a hospital for serious injuries and later released.

Lanum and Montowski fled in her van, which a park ranger spotted about 200 miles northwest of the base, according to authorities. The ranger called for help, and Lanum led police on a slow-speed chase before running over a spike strip laid down by police and crashing, they added.

The FBI said Montowski told them that Lanum handed her the shotgun and asked her to kill him, but she refused. The affidavit says Lanum pointed the gun at police, his finger on the trigger, and refused commands to drop the weapon. A trooper fired through the driver's side window, Lanum's shotgun discharged, and police fired several times.

The trooper and park rangers involved in the shooting were placed on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of internal investigations, according to a joint state police, FBI and National Park Service release.

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Why so serious?

Matt C
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Why so serious?

Damn beat me to it by 1 minute.

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I thought this thread was going to be about all the team killing on COD or something.
I mean it's really getting hard to play the game when some a-hole on your team murks you from behind and they all start laughing. Honestly, why is that so funny? I mean ya I've done it. In fact last night I murked a guy because we were playing search and they planted the bomb at "B" and he was running to "A" and tried to defuse the bomb there which didn't exist and it was pretty noob status. I figured I was doing my team a favor by "cutting" him from the team next round. No biggie right? Well I had my reasons you know and that was different but back to the no reason team killing, wtf is wrong with those people?

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since when was a mini van the joker mobile? :D

Recession means cutbacks!



Copy that...

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Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

SPC DumbAss did not have time to steal an 18 wheeler.