View Full Version : New type of MMG suggestion

03-11-2009, 8:05 PM
I don't think this would be as "solid" within the law as the MMG is now, but what about an MMG that is long enough to stop a collapsing stock from moving? The only way to get the stock to move would be to remove the grip.

But do you think the fact that it is a collapsing stock enough to trigger the law? Its not far off from a pinned stock, at least the only way to get this to move would be to disassemble and remove the grip.

I'm sure I am not the first to think of this. Post a link if you can. I couldn't find it and would like to read what the crowd agreed on.

03-11-2009, 8:40 PM
I have been working on the "art" nothing yet more than that yet however...

I was going to make it less like the MMG and more like a std pistol grip front feel with a wing in the back that would NOT allow your hand webbing to reach around the pistol grip at all but have the std grip "look" (sorta)

And I was going to "Pin" the collapsable stock so it would not be able to collapse... But your idea of just blocking the collapse is a really great idea... better than a A1 or A2 stock for some...

03-12-2009, 9:05 AM
you'd have to lock the collapsable stock all the way open... some people might not want that if they run the stock fully collapsed.