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03-10-2009, 7:04 PM
I've been a 1911 man for about the past 16 years. I've also had a Glock, a.k.a. Block, Glunk, or Tupperware, for about the past 5 years. Though two very different pistols, they have both been accurate, rugged, and excellent performers for me. After perusing Berettaforum.net for months I laid down the money for a new 92fs. I recently put the first 150 rounds through it out in the desert one day and I was in love! It hit precisely at the point of aim, If I did my part. Naturally, the action was glassy smooth. I question its ruggedness compared to the 1911 or Glocks but it should be rugged enough for my casual use.

03-10-2009, 7:29 PM
cant go wrong with a beretta. my next handgun will either be a 92fs or a g17

03-10-2009, 7:31 PM
nice looking gun, but i like the 1911s more! :)

03-10-2009, 7:32 PM
Can't say I'm surprised. Most folks once they forget all the hearsay that is posted, written, said, about them, actually like the Beretta 92.

Concerning ruggedness, it will never be as rugged as the Glock, but the Beretta is a proven and rugged design that has stood the test of time in both military and police service. In over 10 years of working with them, the only parts that needed occasional replacement was the trigger return springs that were bent out of whack by a overzealous soldier removing the hand grips during regular cleaning.

Enjoy your new pistol!

03-10-2009, 7:32 PM
My first pistol was a 96. Some day I'll have a 92 to go with her. Every time I think of selling it once I rack the slide she goes back into the safe.

Mr. Beretta
03-10-2009, 7:39 PM
Welcome to the family! :thumbsup:

03-10-2009, 7:40 PM
I've got 4. Just keep the lock block pivot, lugs and barrel rails lubed and it will run. If you bought it new, then it has the latest generation of locking block (has radiused corners) which I have never heard any problems with... Actually I've never had any problems with any of the locking blocks with about 100K rounds through my 4 guns.. I must lead a charmed life.

Shoot it and enjoy.

03-10-2009, 9:00 PM
I have 2 Beretta 92fs's Inox and a regular black one bolth have never let me down.

03-11-2009, 1:42 AM
The Beretta 92fs is a nice addition.


DLC’s Beretta 92FS.



03-11-2009, 1:57 AM
I love my Beretta. I trust that gun with my life. I better, it's my duty weapon. The Berettas look nice, but they look a lot more EVIL with Hogue wrap around grips! They feel great too! No lateral movement in my hands.

03-11-2009, 2:07 AM
The Berettas look nice, but they look a lot more EVIL with Hogue wrap around grips! They feel great too! No lateral movement in my hands.

I can vouch for the Hogue Wrap-arounds. Usually, those grips are too big for my small stubby hands. But, on the 92fs they feel great!! Congrats on the 92fs. Definitely a must have in any collector's armory.

03-11-2009, 9:50 AM
congrats. when i was looking for my first handgun i immediatly wanted the 92fs. but it seemed that when i did research on it alot of people talked alot of crap about it. but i bought it anyway, and im so glad i did. i love that pistol

03-11-2009, 9:53 AM
Everyone should have a 92FS in their collection. Great gun.

03-11-2009, 10:02 AM
after watching lethal weapon and die hard back in the day I knew I wanted one and after picking one up a few years back I havent had one problem in over 1K+ rnds fits my hand perfectly and the price is just right, I put some crimson trace grips and some extra internal mods and I even mounted the "tick" for mounting a light .. I really wanna pick up a M9A1 but this buying craze is outta control :TFH:

03-11-2009, 11:16 AM
92fs is a bad *** sexy pistol. i shot one at the range and i like the action. i loved this gun ever since i was a kid, dont know why i didnt get it as my first. hmm....

Shotgun Dave
03-11-2009, 6:42 PM
I'm saving up the scratch to buy one in the near future.

03-11-2009, 9:10 PM
My friend had a Beretta in 40cal and he had the extractor (i think) break twice. He had several problems with it, that made me not buy one, but everybody else seem to like them.

Rudolf the Red
03-11-2009, 9:17 PM
My 92 FS Centurion was stolen 5 years ago but the bastards did not get the 6 hi cap mags that I still have. Maybe I will buy another someday.

What I really want is a Type M.

03-12-2009, 12:37 AM
I've owned 4 Berettas. A full size 92, a jetfire, bobcat(.22LR?) and a .380. I sold the centerfires when money got tight, and have yet to replace them.

They were great pistols. I also had a Sig 226 and 220 back then and couldn't think of parting with them... just personal preference.

That 92fs is definitely elegant looking. What a photogenic pistol!

03-12-2009, 9:45 AM
Carried one when I was deployed. The stories about them jamming in the desert and their crappy USGI mags are subject to interpretation. Most of them that were issued were rarely fired. They jammed, but they weren't broken in. Mine, I fired it alot and had no issues. Some were so tight you had to fired them alot and cycle the slide to get them to function. I love mine and would trust my life to it.

03-12-2009, 10:28 AM
Another +1 for me for the 92FS. My experience has been great, fed and fired everything I put into it, never a problem, never a broken locking block and yes, very accurate.

If you do armory work on it, make sure you have spare springs, they are teensie weensie, and prone to fly if not carefull :D

It does have a larger grip so that may be a turn off for many with small hands.

Black Majik
03-12-2009, 10:40 AM
Another +1 for the 92FS. I secretly miss my 92FS Inox which ended up being a safequeen since it was just such a beautiful pistol. Definitely one of my regrets selling it. I wonder who the current owner of my gun is... :D


03-12-2009, 3:33 PM
My wife's Beretta 92 FS' locking block broke. I replaced it and it has been chuggging along fine since. The one that broke was the older version one without the radiused cuts. I had enough faith and liked the pistol enough to buy another for myself.