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Calm Down
03-09-2009, 5:55 PM
Four months ago I discovered a company named Fidelis Arms previously known as Centermass, out of Oregon. I am a LEO and I wanted a custom AR pistol. I received permission from my Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff's Association to engrave the office and DSA logos on the receiver. Robert Rhodes, the CEO of Fidelis Arms was on board with the idea, manufactured the receiver and logged it as a pistol. Since I'm a LEO I can luckily bypass the "safe handgun" law and get a stripped pistol lower. The receiver was received by my dealer today. He went to DROS the receiver, but hit a wall with the DOJ. Fidelis Arms is not listed on the DOJ DROS site, therefore he could not enter it into the system. He said he could as a long gun, but that defeats my purpose. He called the DOJ and received some FUD that the gun must be a complete functioning firearm and I must already possess the letter from my Sheriff to make an AW. That still didn't answer the question of how to DROS a pistol when the manufacturer is not in the DOJ system. I know Fidelis Arms has sent several single shot pistols into CA so they must have been DROS'd some how. I need somebody to tell me who at the DOJ I should talk to and what to say to have Fidelis Arm added to their list.

03-09-2009, 5:58 PM
Well, first of all CALM DOWN...



LOl. could not resist. But I am sure that many of the members and FFL's that have here will answer your question shortly.