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03-08-2009, 4:47 AM
What are the benefiits other than more than 1 in 30 days?

Can I buy and sell as many moderns as I please, or is it ONLY for C&R?

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03-08-2009, 10:58 AM
If you collect C&R guns then you can cash and carry at FFLs. No you can not use this as a license to buy and sell guns, modern or C&R. Over 5/year they start to look at you as a dealer. Some people use the FFL 03 for discounts at the major supply stores.


03-08-2009, 11:45 AM
What are the benefiits other than more than 1 in 30 days? with both C&R+COE, you are exempt from 1-in-30 for all handguns, modern and C&R.

And you can cash-and-carry any C&R firearm from a dealer, after you fill out the DROS. No 10-day wait.

Can I buy and sell as many moderns as I please, or is it ONLY for C&R?

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-enthusiastNo, you can't buy-and-sell as many firearms as you please, for modern or C&R. The C&R+COE license is not a dealer license. It is a collector license for you to enhance your collection. Yes, you can occasionaly sell stuff as a means to enhance your collection, but thats it.

Here is my standard C&R info post, which should cover everything else.

Here is my condensed guide on how to get a C&R FFL

Go to http://www.atf.gov/dcof/index.htm and request F 7CR (5310.16) - Application for License (Collector of Curios and Relics) Under 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44, Firearms. . On-line copies of the application you may find are out-of-date and obsolete.

They will mail it to you, fill it out per the instructions, send one copy back to BATF +$30, send second copy to CLEO that you refered to on the form, wait ~2 months, receive approved C&R FFL in mail.

YOu can purchase C&R firearms (no AW's or NFA stuff) while out of state, cash-and-carry, and bring back with you with no in-state dealer needed. C&R handguns that are brought in require you to submit a C&R handgun report within five days. http://ag.ca.gov/firearms/forms/pdf/curioapp.pdf

C&R long guns over 50 years old can be purchased in-state from any non-dealer or can be shipped into the state via a mail/phone/web order. Any C&R handguns purchased in-state must go through a CA FFL. If you also get the COE, then you can DROS C&R firearms and take them home immediately, no 10-day wait.

The COE is more expensive, around $100 in fees for the first year, but the renewal is something like $20 bucks per year. It has a very limited use in CA, but when used in conjuction with the C&R exempts you from the 10-day wait on C&R purchases from a dealer, and exempts you from the 1-in-30 handgun regulations for all handguns, modern and C&R.


Your CLEO is your local police chief and/or county Sheriff.

You can also check out http://www.surplusrifle.com/shooting2005/howtogetyourcurionrelicffl03/index.asp for more info.

03-09-2009, 12:50 AM
THANKS Jack that covers everything and then some! :)