View Full Version : Damn gun scare...

03-07-2009, 6:50 PM
I've been buying the parts to put together my second AR.

First I bought an upper and an LPK thinking I would take up a friends offer to sell me a lower. I called up my friend and he's had a change of heart, he wants to keep his lower, so then I went scrambling for a lower.

In the mean time I was looking for the rest of the parts, a bullet button, magazines, and a stock. I got the bullet button and magazines locally but the stock has been a pain in the butt. First I ordered an ACE skeleton and an A2 (mostly for the buffer tube and parts) from one place but their web site is hopelessly outdated and the parts are out of stock with no ETA. Then I found another place with ACE stocks in stock and they had a special price on a buffer and buffer spring if you bought them as a package. It sounded like you got a buffer tube but when I got the box in the mail, no tube. Today I went to the gun shop thinking that I could buy an A2 stock with the tube, buffer and spring but they had sold out since the last time when they had a whole display case filled with A2's and collapsible AR stocks. So tonight I went on line looking for one or two buffer tubes and I found them in stock, added them to my cart and then it says they might not be in stock.

What the hell do I have to do to get a buffer tube?

And on top of that I've been told that my lower receiver shipped Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of last week. That makes a whole lot of sense!

Hopefully they were not lying at least once. Then I've got my 10 day wait which they change to 11 to cover their ***.