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03-06-2009, 12:38 PM
I have been competing in both USPSA and IDPA for about 6 months now, two times a month. My times/hit factors are about twices as good compared to when I started, but now I'm sort of hitting a wall and not really improving. Any suggestions on training techniques not only for accuracy(which can always use improvement) but reload speed, shooting while moving, off hand/strong hand. I try to shoot about 100 rounds twice a week and can't do much more due to cost. I really can't dry fire more then a hundred times without becoming bored.

Any tips on making practice more fun? or useful books or videos? Thanks

03-06-2009, 2:51 PM
My suggestion is to get to know better shooters at the match and go to a large club.

When I started IPSC (USPSA) a few years ago, I was lucky in that I picked a big club (30-50 shooters normally). My first match score was at the top of "D" shooters. I got to know a few A shooters really well (and the club president, an M shooter, whos car broke down on my first match day and I stopped to help on the way to the match, I had no idea who he was) and learned a lot at each match. By the end of 1 year, I was officially "B" and generally shooting A scores.

There's a book by Enos (sp?): Practical shooting?? and he's got a web site, which you can pick up some good info. His book is a bit metaphysical but just ignore the spiritial stuff. Sorry, I can't remember it too well as I've quit for a few years.

Also, look into practical shooting classes, but this is an expensive route for a game.

I also find dry fire boring, but I rememeber if I don't do it my scores suck. So force yourself to do it. Buying a timer is good too because not only can you can time yourself, and you also make dry fire a little more fun.