View Full Version : bought another mosin, this time a 91/30

03-05-2009, 4:19 PM
I just drosed a 91/30 from gun's n stuff I just couldn't help myself I had to have it. If anyone wants one they still had two there when I left and a mauser I think in 8mm and a sporterized mosin too. The 91/30's were only 89.00 and that's not on sale. So not a bad price but it sucks cause it's from an 01 FFL so I have to wait! damn! but soon I shall have enough mosin's to have my own mosin firing line! :43:

03-05-2009, 4:20 PM
oops this was supposed to be in the regular C&R section. my bad!

03-05-2009, 6:37 PM
Naughty naughty.:p

03-05-2009, 6:39 PM
Hope you had a good experience at GF&T -

03-05-2009, 7:28 PM
I've only had good exp. when I went there.

03-05-2009, 9:17 PM
it was an ok experience because I didn't ask them anything complicated. Very cut and dry, they had one, I liked it, and I bought it. Also I've heard that if you're in goody goody with them you can get an OLL there too. But everyone I have asked has said "nope, don't do them at all." So who knows...... but then again this is coming from some place that told me that selling me a CZ-52 would be illegal because it's not on the approved list. It's kinda like I've said before if they absolutely have something you can't live without there, then only then should you buy it, other than that I wouldn't recommend it at all. But I do love my new Mosin!