View Full Version : (SOLD)Colt m16A1 upper complete and complete stag lower

03-05-2009, 4:18 PM
(SPF)I have a Colt m16A1 upper with Colt bolt and charging handle. It has 2 sets of colt handguards tringle A1 handguards and colt A2 roung handguards. upper has all the correct colt marlings/stampings and barrel is stamped C MP B witch means it has a crome lined barrel and chamber. Front sight is marked with the bell and a capital C. Bolt is marked CMPI and the carrier is the Colt half circle carrier with the C stamped on the side. Upper in very very good condition 500$
I would pefer a local sale and i'm willing to travel a little to do the deal if not I will ship it buyer pays postage and insurance.(SPF

(SPF)Next is a Stag complete lower with a Stag lower parts kit and a Colt A2 but stock Prince 50 and C-products 10rd mag. 80rds fired with lower. 350$ buyer pays all transfer fees. I would like to do the transfer of this lower at Fourt Courage Armory or Uncle Pauls Exchange.(SPF)

Just got layed off yester day moring need to pay bills.
Thank you for looking Calguns
I can e-mail picts if you are serious

03-05-2009, 4:22 PM
pm sent for pics

03-05-2009, 4:44 PM
pm sent for upper.