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03-02-2009, 12:53 PM
Well, I've considered my choices and decided that I want either a CPO Sig 226 or a H&K USP40. After shopping around, I found a shop that is selling a used (as-is) H&K USP40 for $600. This is a couple hundred dollars off of its new price.

Cosmetically the gun looks great, but I dont know much about guns so I cant tell whether it has been used a lot or not. Are there certain things/parts on the gun that I should verify are in working order? The shop said that they do thorough cleaning on all of their trade-in guns but they dont test fire. Unlike the CPO Sig's, they dont change any springs or anything like that either.

Would $600 be worth it or should I just get a CPO Sig 226 for a little more?

03-02-2009, 12:57 PM
I think you could find a better deal on the HK.

The CPO sigs were having a problem with the finish flaking off. Not sure if thats been corrected yet, or if the one you're looking at is one of those.

check out sigforum (http://sigforum.com/eve/ubb.x?a=cfrm&s=674608412)
Also at http://hkpro.com/forum/index.php

03-02-2009, 1:24 PM
used h&k usp 40.
examine the polymer rail where the slide passes specially at the rear. this is a common area of wear for this pistol.

comandante costello
03-02-2009, 6:56 PM
CPO Sigs can be hit or miss, I wouldn't get one. That's not bad for the HK though, or if you prefer the Sig, just find a nice used one.

03-02-2009, 7:05 PM
If you plan on collecting and not shooting, buy NIB, if you plan on shooting it, used is fine, with most of the major mfg.
Just strip it and make sure that the gun is not abused.

03-02-2009, 7:56 PM
buying used is fine if its significanly cheaper then brand new (which seems to be rare, some what odd I think). The only exception is if the company offers unlimited and (owner) transferable warrenties on all parts of their guns (one reason why I love my hi-point).

03-03-2009, 1:06 AM
personally, i've never bought a used gun- i always prefer that new gun smell... except if its a curio/relic piece. i've seen too many people fail to properly care for their arms, and i cant stand the thought of having an abused piece in the family.
it's like adopting a abused pet- you never know when it'll turn on you.

03-03-2009, 1:15 AM
If this were going to be my first gun, I'd want a new one.

03-03-2009, 1:56 AM
Used guns seems to sell for too close to new price lately

03-03-2009, 4:15 AM
1. You do not save that much money

2. I have yet to buy a used gun that does not have some problem. Ask yourself, why are they selling it? Unless it an antique thats going on display or an estate sale - buy new.

03-03-2009, 4:43 AM
2. I have yet to buy a used gun that does not have some problem.

Funny, I have the exact opposite experience.
I have gotten most of the used guns that I bought well below wholesale, and all of them function flawlessly!

03-03-2009, 5:01 AM
Funny, I have the exact opposite experience.
I have gotten most of the used guns that I bought well below wholesale, and all of them function flawlessly!

+1. Most used guns I've bought have had no issues whatsoever.

03-03-2009, 10:01 AM
Yeah, I'm a big fan of used guns. New guns drop 20% of their value the first time you put ammo through them, and I'd rather put that money towards ammo and accessories. Saving $200 will buy you a nice holster and a pile of ammo to practice with. Not only that, buying used means the gun holds its value much better.

Now, if you're looking for something specific, it's easier to make a mistake, as you lose some flexibility. I've got the basics covered, so when I see something I like that's used, in excellent shape, and a great price, all that matters is whether I want it and have the money, not whether it's what I need.

I'm not buying much these days, with the economy and high gun prices, but when thing are normal, you can find excellent bargains in lightly used, low mileage guns that are priced far less than new.

You do have to know what to look for. I've had very few problems with used guns (though I've bought a few lemons), but I'm pretty good at telling condition on used gear. You get that with experience, and you get the experience by making mistakes.

I also don't baby my guns. I buy them to use, and a few scuffs or scratches just don't bother me, whether they're there when I get them or I put them on myself.

The way I see it, buying used means enough savings to buy an extra gun for every 4 you get. I like the math on that.

03-03-2009, 10:07 AM
I would suggest daily (if not thrice-daily) trolling of the "For-Sale" forum here on CalGuns, and look for an item being sold by someone with a good reputation, and then jump on it.

I just bought my first used handgun here on the forums after daily reading for three months and got exactly what I wanted for a fantastic price compared to new. Though a bit worn on the outside, it's all sweet-business on the inside, and that's exactly what I wanted. It's for shooting, not keeping in a glass display-case on the mantle.

People might say "It's only a couple hundred dollars cheaper," but when the item sells new for $650, that's 30% off! Hardly insignificant. Plus there's no sales tax on used guns - that's close to 8% cheaper right there too.

And finally, there's the little matter of availability. Whether for good reason or not, it seems having President Obama in office has put a run on pretty much all new handguns. Just last week I heard one salesman at my local range say "What you see is what I have to sell, and since November it's been as empty as you see now. Barack Obama has been the best gun salesman of my entire staff." Once you've settled on something, you'd better call around and see if anyone has any new ones to sell. Don't be surprised if it's hard to find new, and perhaps not nearly as hard to find used.

Food for thought.


03-03-2009, 10:09 AM
A quality gun is fine to buy used. Its not like guns are a complex thing that can hide problems. Look them over, if they rack and click, your good to go. Especially if you buy them off of this site from "veteran" members. I wouldnt sell a gun if it didnt work, nor would I own one. Most gun owners here are straight up. So, I wouldnt hesitate to buy used from a repeat seller on this site. Now, walking into a pawn shop is a different story. You need to know what to look for. But even than, I have gotten things 50% off at pawn shops.

03-03-2009, 10:46 AM
Depends. If its in great shape, has a low round count, not abused, and priced right, I have no reservations on buying used. All used guns I have purchased (all from here, BTW) were all low round, usually less than 3-4 hundred, in like new condition, and priced right. Just gotta be patient and find the right deal.

03-03-2009, 11:01 AM
Just something to consider when looking at buying new vs. buying used.

Like most manufacturer's, their "lifetime warranty" is only for the original owner, so if you buy that used HK and anything goes wrong, you're on the hook for the repairs.


03-03-2009, 8:20 PM
well I made the leap today and bought a CPO Sig 226 .40 from gun exchange in San jose. It looked to be on like new condition, plus sig gives cpo guns a manufacturer 1 yr warranty. I paid $650 for it and can't wait to pick it up. The only downside is that their dross machine is down and the 10 day wait hasn't started yet (not exactly sure when it'll be fixed).

03-04-2009, 2:51 PM
Congrats on purchasing the Sig. Always glad to hear that a orphaned firearm has found a new home!


03-04-2009, 5:19 PM
Im considering the same. Buying from a private party out of state. Guy says is brand new. Never been fired actually he says. Has everything it would as if it was new. Hell, the lock is still in the bag. The weapon is 5 years old. ya ya yah...I know, but...hey, could be true.

When the weapon is transferred, I assume I have time to inspect it and maybe get the gun shop guy to look it over also, right? If its a crap gun, I dont have to take possession and pay, I assume.


B Strong
03-04-2009, 5:29 PM
Buying a used gun makes sense if you're getting it for the right price, and the weapon has been properly maintained.

A visual check of the bore, the cylinder (wheelgun) the frame rails (semi) and lock up - cylinder timing (wheelgun) barrel lock-up (semi)

If it passes and the price is right, go for it.

03-04-2009, 5:58 PM
Used guns seems to sell for too close to new price lately

close to new??? its more like more then new, espeically on this website's classified section!