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02-26-2009, 10:52 AM
Used in good condition. This was on my LMT 16" M4 profile upper. However, when I purchased the upper the rail was already installed and the screws had loctite on them. I messed up some of the cap bolts that hold in the cap thing near the gas block. It uses an allen key but I have a feeling this guy used red loctite which is suppose to be used for permanent applications. I got a few screws out which gave me some maneuverability. However you can still install this by sliding it on as one piece rather then 2 pieces. I have taken pictures to show how it works. Basically the 2pieces pivot at one screw point to open enough to slide it on over the FH/brake.

You could also try and get the bolts out with different methods. You could dremel a slot and use a screwdriver. or you can use a stripped screw removal tool. Basically a reverse drill bit that grabs the screw and backs it out. However the way it is seems fine enough to just use as is.

I'd like $120 shipped. SOLD

MCTAR-21: Midwest Ind. 2 Piece Free-Float Forearm (2 Piece Mid Length) - Mid Length Carbine 9.0"
Midwest MI 2pc. Mid Length Carbine Free-Floating Rail Interface System (RIS) is a tactical upgrade replacement of the factory plastic Mid length type AR15/M4 handguards, for cooler running barrel temps and more solid rigid feel. Midwest Ind. MCTAR-21 Free-Floating Barrel design meets your optimum accuracy requirements with tactical T-marked MIL-STD 1913 rails for mounting useful accessories such as Vertical Grips, Harris Eng. Bi-pods, Tactical Lasers & Weapon Lights.
Note: Removal of AR15 Barrel Delta Ring is required for installation.

MI MCTAR-21 Features:
MIL-STD 1913 rails
T-marked for accessory location.
High quality at an affordable price
Uninterrupted or monolithic look upper rail.
Constructed of 6061 Aluminum
Mil-Spec Hard coat anodized finish
Length: 9.0"
Weight: 13.5 oz.
Made In: USA[/COLOR]


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Following is how to install/uninstall it.

Main 4 bolts that clamp onto where the delta rings were came out fine. One of the bolts in the front that holds the cap out came out and that is what makes it able to pivot on 1 of the screws.


You can see where it pivots on that one screws allowing it to slide open. You can't see it in this pic but on the back side of that picture is the screw that I got out allowing it to pivot on the screw you can see.

02-26-2009, 11:03 AM
Here you can see the flash hider and gas block. It clears everything beautifully to slide it out.

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This picture shows exactly the bolts that I did get out with little to no problem (5 bolts/screws sitting below in picture)....whatever bolts were left on the rail are in really tight with loctite and couldn't get them out. These bolts were enough for me to slide open the two piece rail and slide it out forward over the gas block and FH. To make sure I even tried putting it back onto my rifle and it went on like a glove.

I examined the screws that I did get out and it does look like red loctite. Some of you who don't know it is a liquid that helps prevent screws from backing out. There are 2 different types that I know of...blue and red. Blue keeps it in and can be removed. Red pretty much almost locks it in. Red should only be used if you are NOT going ever remove again.

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