View Full Version : WTT misc brass, some bullets, want small pistol primers

02-25-2009, 5:31 PM
Hello, Calguns people,

We've accumulated some hundreds of '06, 30-30, and .270 brass, over the years, more than I think we'll ever get around to loading.

Some of the 06 brass is military, some is once-fired Win, Rem, and Federal

The 270 and 30-30 brass is all, or at least mostly, once-fired Win, Rem, and FC, with a few odd other makes.

I don't know, exactly, what quantities we have, but if someone is interested, I'd get them out of storage and do some counting.

We've got a few hundred more of cast lead 158gr 38spl and 240gr. (I think) cast lead 45LC projectiles than we're likely to really need in near future.

We really need a thousand or two of small pistol primers. (I'm needing to load up a quantity of light load wad-cutter 38spl, to provide newbies with some centre-fire handgun familiarisation fire at our range 'outreach' events.)

Is there anyone who might have some stock of small pistol primers they could spare, and could use any of that brass/bullets by way of trade?

(to figure relative trade values, could someone let me know what the brass and bullets are going for at the gun shows lately......and I'd scale down a bit from gun show component prices, to make it worthwhile)

Another possible trade item we have is a quantity of 12ga shotshells......we bought out a 'survivalist stock' just after the Y2K non-event. These rounds are Win, Rem, Federal, bird shot, no buck/slugs, all lead shot, no steel. Some are high base, some low base, rather a mixture. The should be just fine for 'Sporting Clays' I'd think.......anyway, I really don't want to just sell the 'stash' but would make someone a good trade for the primers we need.

my e-mail address is carla@tactical-link.com