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02-24-2009, 5:31 AM
This is in New Jersey.

I think the arms plural comment is a crack up. LOL! Otherwise nice to see.


February 23, 2009
Contact: Andy Pratt / (609) 292-5199
Senator Marcia Karrow (R-23)
Karrow: ‘One-Gun-A-Month’ Bill Violates Constitution

Senator Marcia Karrow, R-Hunterdon, said she was pleased that she was part of a successful effort to ensure the so-called “one-gun-a-month” bill was held in the state Senate today. The bill was held after she made her Senate floor speech in opposition to this bill.

“It’s hard to hear about the death and pain that criminals cause with firearms, and not want to do something about it. However, the ‘One-Gun-A-Month’ bill is an ineffective attempt to address this very serious problem. Now that it has been held, I hope its backers withdraw it from further consideration.

“The bill won’t prevent gang members and criminals from getting all the guns they need. They will buy their weapons from street merchants who repeatedly flout anti-gun laws with too little fear of arrest or incarceration. This bill does nothing to attack this illegal gun trade. It simply adds paperwork and frustration to the lives of collectors and law-abiding citizens who have many legitimate reasons for purchasing more than one gun at a time.

“Our nation’s Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms. I believe the word “arms” was intentionally made plural so that it was clear that the government had no more right to limit the number of guns purchased by a law-abiding individual than it does to ban anyone but felons from owning a single weapon.

“The best way to combat crime is to enforce tough laws that put criminals in jail and allow average citizens to protect themselves. This bill does nothing to advance those goals. Most importantly, this bill will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals, most of whom need only one gun to ruin the lives of many people.”