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02-21-2009, 10:07 PM
Sorry for the long post, but let me start with "Dang I hate all these regulations...". I came here from Ohio and Florida, and this was my first adult gun purchase, as well as (obviously) first CA purchase.

A few weeks ago I called up J&R for an OLL that they had just gotten in. Great guys there BTW. So they ship down to Tim @ Ft. Courage, and I go fill out the DROS forms.

I go in on pickup day, and Tim's helping a guy in front of me who's also finishing up his wait. As he's going through the book of paperwork, I overhear him say "...you're fine, unless you have one of these..." and taps a letter in the book. My thought is "Hmmm, what if that's mine?".

Now mind you, I don't have anything to worry about "law-wise", but I'm wondering how I'd be nervous if I did.

So, Tim finishes up, and I'm next. He flips though the book a few times, and can't find me. Hmmm. Then goes back to the front, and you guessed it, mine's the one with a delay. He's very apologetic, and I'm very confused. He gives me a copy of the letter, and I go out to the car to call. I spoke with a nice sounding lady:

Me: Hi, I have a hold letter here, and am wondering what's going on.
DOL: Have you bought a firearm before?
Me: Nope, 1st one.
(she takes my info, and comes back)
DOJ: So you know a background check is performed?
Me: Sure!
DOJ: And you know it's not just CA?
Me: Yeah, I assumed so...
DOJ: Have you lived anywhere else?
Me: Yup, I moved here from Florida.
DOJ: Did anything happen there?
Me: Hmmm, well I did get a reckless driving around 1995. That's about the worst I can think of.
DOJ: Nope that's not it. Anything else?
Me: Uhhhhhh..... (really long pause, cause I'm clueless) Well wait, I did bounce a check around then. (story below) But it was pre-trial diversioned.
DOJ: Well the record from Florida isn't clear...(and they can't see if it's a felony, misdemeanor, nor the outcome)...we've requested the records from the Florida archives, it may take a few days to get the records and verify.
(we chat a little about the story, and I hang up)

So I go back in and let Tim know what's up. A few days later I call back DOJ, and get told that my # isn't in the system anymore, go check with the FFL. Which I do, and I pick up my lower.


The short to this long story is:
1) the ladies @ DOJ were very nice, and explained everything that was going on. I wonder how much complaining they get about delays, but sometimes you just have to let the bureaucracy play itself out. Plus, I truly was in no rush, so I was nice back.
2) Don't ever bounce a check at an Albertsons in Florida when you're in your 20's. Instead of re-depositing the check like most places, they sent mine to the DA. Bench warrant gets placed, and a couple of years later I get stopped for speeding and end up having to bail out of jail. My pre-paid legal service from work got me a lawyer who got me into a pre-trial diversion program. I had to take a class on money management. All for a $22 check!

Anyway, I'm legal now, and am searching for an upper!

02-21-2009, 10:26 PM
man that sucks but i know what ya mean, about 2 years ago i wrote the first check i had written in about 10 years at sams club. well long story short by the time they got around depositing it the check bounced, my wife paid it and i thought it was over. come to find out in december of 08 that the check was sent in to the da's check program anyways so i try to show them bank statements but they wont budge without the word coming from sams club and wouldnt you know it sams club says they have no knowledge of it being paid or otherwise.

so last week i finally paid the 300 dollars the da's office was claiming i owed them and now i have to go to a class:eek:
Im supposed to be buying a 1911 from a friend in the next couple of days and since no warrent was ever issued and i have everything but the class taken care of now im hoping it wont show up as a delay. at this point im never writing a check again:D

02-21-2009, 10:27 PM
Be careful with the DOJ, not exactly the type to go asking for help but glad things went well for you.

Anyway, I'm legal now

That is what she said.

Bad Voodoo
02-22-2009, 2:41 PM
That's been my limited experience with DOJ as well. They placed my last rifle on a hold, and a simple, cordial conversation with a very nice woman at DOJ re: an out of state question they apparently had got me a quick release via fax on my pick up day. No muss, no fuss.

I agree it's a large pain the rear end to have to deal with these administrative infringements on a regular basis, but until we get these lawmakers and their ideologies repealed, it is what it is.