View Full Version : Risk/Reward strategies for gaining rights.

02-17-2009, 1:38 PM
The membership of this board is diverse and we all have our comfort levels of what we will and won't do.

Barrack Obama is more than just a threat to our gun rights, he is a threat to the very existence of what few freedoms we have left.

We no longer live in a "Free Republic", but a "Statist Socialist Democracy". If we loose our gun rights, the rest of our rights will turn into government revocable privileges, since without our arms, we loose the ablity to remove a oppressive government by force.

The real issue is not guns, it is the core value that our government operates by the "consent of the governed". That value means nothing if we lack the ability to revoke our consent.

So, with my "the sky has already fallen" comment, please view the poll and determine how we should pursue both political and legal actions to get back our rights.