View Full Version : Auto glass in the SD area?

02-15-2009, 3:46 PM
Any CGNers do autoglass work in the La Jolla/San Diego area? Got a Subaru in need of a new windshield ASAP. PM me if you do it or know a good/cheap place.



02-15-2009, 7:17 PM
Your first problem was buying a Sabaru! J/K, but no... Is it cracked? There is this blue liquid that you can put into it that will stop the crack and fill it in! There is probably a couple of guys that will come over your house and do it!

02-16-2009, 10:29 PM
Yes, the curved crack is something like 2" long; it starts to run up the center of the windshield and then makes a 90 degree turn to the passenger side. Will the blue liquid actually fill in a crack this big?

02-23-2009, 4:01 AM
Its cheaper then buying a 400 dollar windshield. I had a crack that was about 12 inches long and it filled it in almost to the point where i could not see it. It was a little bit of a pain in the butt to figure it out, but i got it. The reason it cracks and continues to crack is because air gets into it. The blue liquid will take the place of the air, making it stop.... here: http://www.denttime.com/windshield_repair.htm