View Full Version : CandyApple Taurus Tracker .17HMR - $500

02-12-2009, 5:14 PM
I picked this up from a fellow CalGunner - likely one of my favorite guns in my tiny collection, but I have gone ape-poop with my 700SPS and need to free up some cash.

These pics show it as it sat after the first round of paint/sand/polish work. It is currently in stage two, which will clean up all of the boo-boos and bring out some real luster.

People seem to like the pistol a lot when they see it in person - BlackwaterOps curled his gnarly fingers around it the other night and was impressed.

The thing shoots like a video game gun - meaning, big big boom, lots of fire and sparks, but no kick. Absolute blast to shoot. Gets attention at the range, too!





Comes with original box (not perfect), two locking keys, and owners manual. I'll also toss in whatever .17hmr rounds I have - 30 to 50 but I don't know the exact count.

I am located in Upland (SoCal), zip 91784. FTF at Magnum Range in Rancho or other FFL of buyers choice presuming it is local. All fees to be paid by buyer.

$500 obo! First "I'll take it" gets rights. PM me for questions, post here to take it.

02-13-2009, 2:02 PM
I suppose the lack of perfection with the in-between-round status has uninspired the masses.

I'll update when complete - with new zazzy shots. Then the floodgates will open!