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To be honest, I'm not sure of the price, but I vaugely remember paying four something and change, so I will start it off at $450 but I am INSANELY open to offers.

Money is going to be used to partially pay for a used Glock from a friend. So I suppose I am also open to trades on used 1st and 2nd gen glocks, Sigs, and HKs with money coming or going either way to match price (ABSOLUTELY nothing in .40s&w). Also VERY interested in a Cavalry Arms MKII lower.

Transfer prefered at Bright Spot Pawn in Riverside or Cold War Shooters in Highland. Will ship for the right deal.

It's 100% stripped and never been assembled, so it is my understanding that it can still be built up as a pistol or rifle which ever you choose so long as all laws are followed. Again, I may be wrong, but this is my understanding.

Going to the hospital to visit my dad (potential heart attack) so I will respond and post pictures when I am back from that, or tomorrow if I get back too late.

ETA: I have a partial DPMS lower parts kit and a complete Tapco CAR stock. I might be able to bum the missing pieces from a friend and offer this as a completed CAR lower if that will help the sale.

I might be willing to sell my AR pistol upper along with the lower and all parts needed to assemble it that way the buyer can determine if they want it as a rifle or a pistol (though I suggest NOT buying the upper with it if you plan on building a rifle, for legal reasons). Obviously price would have to be adjusted or a great deal would have to come along.


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Sorry, this is the standard OPEN magwell and it uses the standard lower parts kit, not the proprietary Bushmaster parts.

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Original post updated with pictures.

I've also been PMed by a couple people in regards to it being transfered as a pistol. It is my understanding that since it has had no stock ever assembled on it, then it is the same as any other pistol receiver and it's original build will determine it's definition as to it's firearm type (handgun v. rifle v. AOW). For this reason I would be willing to also include my personal AR pistol upper for sale with it if it were to help with the sale and/or trade. My pistol upper is a 7.5" Model1 barreled upper that I've only ever used an Atchisson (original - not a ceiner) kit in. Round count is relatively low, no more than a birck of ammo. The Atchisson kit and a factory original rebuild kit MAY also be included for the right deal, but I would like to hold onto that. It's also the rarer kit that functions with M16s but will ONLY fire semi-auto in an AR. I believe this kit is also one of the rarer transitions kits made by one of those SMG makers (I think it was Bingham). I can get more details if needed and will post pictures soon.

ETA: I MAY also be inclined to machine a magazine well plug out of anything you want (so when used with a mag lock would make it a single shot only exempt pistol). The upper also has Trijicon night sights that are less than a year old. The upper is also a surplus A1 upper (NOT a C7, but the harder to find forward assisst no case defelctor upper).

Here are the pictures. First is the upper. Again, this is a Surplus (Martin Marietta forge code - US Army contract) A1 upper (forward assist and no case defeletor). The rifle has had less than a brick of .22 through it on a single trip out of state on my own personal AR pistol (NOT on the Carbon 15 receiver) and was never fired with 5.56 ammo. It currently has a free float tube, no gas tube (though one will be provided - left it off so I could run it without the mag lock with if I ever got around to a range to shoot centerfire through it), and new Trijicon night sights (both front and rear). Charging handle is a DPMS.


The bolt/carrier options are as follows. Either the Bingham Atchisson unit with a 30 round factory rebuild kit or a DPMS bolt and carrier. The DPMS unit has never been fired and only shows slight marks of brass on the underside and soft finish wear on the bolt face. I am assuming the brass is from storing the firearm with a loaded magazine (bought new by me from Brownells about two years ago) and the finish wear is from my half dozen or so empty cycles when I completed the upper. Bolt face itself shows no sign of wear. Again, the centerfire bolt and carrier and unfired by me and has never even had a rounch chambered, only a loaded magazine (I don't store my firearms empty - that's just silly in my head).

I would LIKE to keep the Atchisson kit for a future rifle build for the wife. So it would have to be a GREAT deal for me to include that if the upper were negotiated into the deal.


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Bump for a good guy!

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PM sent.

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I think you have it wrong...it had to have been listed as a pistol from the factory. The fact that it has never had a stock has nothing to do with it's ability to become a pistol. That only applies to a factory pistol lower that has had a stock attached to it.

Please do not attach an upper shorter than 16" on this lower. You and the potential buyer are asking for trouble.

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There is no such thing as a "pistol lower" or "rifle lower". Once the receiver has a stock attached it becomes a rifle. Once a rifle always a rifle. There are several letters from the ATF attesting to this fact. This is also why the firearm transfer form has been changed so that a stripped receiver can not be sold to anyone under the age of 21, and this is a FEDERAL form, because the buyer could potentially build a pistol and if they were under the age of 21 it would be an illegal transfer to a minor. In any other state the transfer of a stripped receiver can be built up into a pistol or rifle so long as it is virgin and never been prior built.

For clarification from the horses mouth (taken from arf):


ETA: and another case:


The 2004 letter also mentions 4473, but as I understand it this is obsolete now as all stripped receivers are considered eligible for being built as pistols as I described above, which is why the form has been changed.

Like I said, I could be wrong, but this was my understanding on how it worked. If you google "AR-15 pistol ATF letter" you will get dozens of links with different letters attesting to just that.

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Did I totally overlook the uppers price?

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Ok, that is about the fourth person to ask me about the upper price.

At this time the receiver is the item for sale. If the person buying the receiver wants JUST the receiver, then they can purchase just the receiver. If the person wants to build the lower as a rifle, they can purchase the additional parts to buy a complete CAR style lower. If they decide they want to build it as a pistol I will sell them all necessary parts, including the upper, to do so. The price listed is a HIGHLY negotiable price for the lower alone.

The upper is off my personal AR and is offered to the purchaser to 'up the ante' so to speak to appeal to a wider audience. The upper will NOT sell seperately until after the lower is sold IF the buyer chooses not to buy it.

If the upper is required to have a price per the rules, then I will put a price of $1k on the upper to buy it flat out, and I will keep the lower. The person buying the lower will obviously get a more appropriate price for the upper.

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ill take the whole kit,
email nitty917@yahoo.com details