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02-05-2009, 9:13 PM
Just sharing some recent reading. There is a very fitting comparison in the linked article. It's a strong comparison between CPR and CCW. They both deal in the issue of saving lives and empowering citizens.

I have said that CPR and CCW are identical in values when it comes to whether someone can be trusted, the very same question posed by those opposed to citizen CPR in the middle seventies. The opposition to Citizen CPR then was identical to the opposition to CCW today. In comparison of who can be trusted to who cannot, it becomes a non-issue, since more than 20 million citizens know or know of CPR well enough to save a life [Source: American Heart Association]. With 20 million understanding the purpose, the technique, and the legality of CPR, and with 80 million gun owners who understand the purpose and the authority of the armed citizen, these numbers really dispense with the argument of how being "uncomfortable" near an armed citizen is hardly enough to infringe on one’s civil right. All it really amounts to is another abuse in making people show cause or convince others or get permission somehow.

There are some other tid bits of info regarding some issues that are not at the forefront of our media. I can't help but get the impression that our society is possibly changing for the better, and that gun banners have lost some of their credibility. Not some end to gun owner problems by a long shot, but some positive changes never the less. Vigilance certainly does pay.

Now look at this: Have you noticed that more officials are coming to this conclusion that citizens, constituents and voters are the sovereign? Nothing could say it better than affirming our right to carry a gun on our own authority in meeting crime as much as in oversight of officials and impeaching their incorrect notions.

The Illinois Sheriffs Association agrees with constituents that 2A is a civil right, and the Association voted in favor of concealed carry.

Utah and Colorado college campuses affirm students carrying their concealed weapons on campus. No problems. Others are looking at it.

The Department of Interior affirms now the right to be armed in Parks.

New Hampshire seeks to reclaim Independence from abuses of gun regulation as part of the language in its recently introduced HRC6.

This week, Virginia’s Senate passes carrying in restaurants and rejects a ban on private gun sales.

A Pennsylvania law enacted Jan. 30, 2007 went to court, and was affirmed this week by a Pennsylvania court to allow guns in municipal parks.

In Arkansas, guns allowed in churches now goes to the State House.

This is why I write for non-gun owners. Listening to much of the media and you might never learn of these newsbreaks. They indicate a trend that America is invoking its authority over its servants with the assistance of servants who take their oath more seriously. Carrying a handgun is not something open to debate because the fact that we are the sovereign is not open to debate. Non-gun owners need to know that it is not we who challenge the authority we gave servants -- we did not surrender any of our own in the process -- it is they who challenge our authority, and yours. It is why they believe what they can get away with.


02-06-2009, 12:23 AM

dont even get me started on this topic...

i work for a pubic university (cal state HAYWARD). i also volunteer to be a "psuedo" first responder type thingee.

we get trained on CPR, first aid. heck, i even got my ham license because of this.

as i see it, we are trained to SAVE lives if possible.

so up the topic when i gently asked about giving certain BSAs (building safety assistants, as we are called) possible minimal CCW like responsibilities.

holy cow... this person acted like i told him i wanted to be rambo...

he immediately goes into this weird tangent about having our campus not being able to carry firearms, blah blah blah...

fast forward to last year, when the whole campus went nuts and started spending $$$$ to have training sessions on how to deal with an armed shooter on campus.

of course it was all about being sheeps.

i didnt even bother going to the training sessions for us BSAs cause i know it was nothing but wasted $$$$ by the campus.

one of the handouts i finally read, it says something like "if trapped in your office, find and use anything as a last resort weapon to throw at the gunman..."