View Full Version : wtb 7.62x25 tokarev pistol

02-05-2009, 7:02 PM
As title states,tokarev 7.62x25,let me know what you have.thanx

02-05-2009, 7:10 PM
There aren't many that show up on here, and often when they do they are about 300 bucks. Check out this and look into having one shipped to an ffl for you.


They don't have any now but they seem to get some every month or so.


02-05-2009, 7:50 PM
i doubt they will want to deal with shipping to ca,i tried getting one off a gunbroker,but none of the sellers wants to go trough the trouble of shipping to Cali,thats why i desided to try and find it local....Thax for the info though