View Full Version : Just got Laid off in East Bay/Contra Costa. Looking for anything

01-28-2009, 8:57 PM
Well I found out on Monday that I may be among the 1000+ People in the Bay area affected by my company (Home Depot) shutting down the Expo Division. Today they gave me notification that I will be laid off. I am looking for pretty much any job in Contra Costa or Alameda that would still allow me to attend school (College). I have a resume available and am a very hard worker with excellent references. I have my e-mail posted on this website and will be able to respond promptly to any response here as well. Again, I am not picky at all, just looking for something to pay tuition and feed my gun habit pretty much. Would love to work as a clerk in a *pro* 2A Law Office, but that may be asking too much...

I do have pretty extensive knowledge of MS Windows/Ubuntu/Mac OS X environments, MS Office, OpenOffice, Corel, and some basic knowledge of AutoCAD/Solidworks CAD Software as well. I am also pretty handy with anything mechanical.

Thanks in advance,