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01-28-2009, 4:57 PM
New questions guys, thanks for all the replies. My new question is if I get handguards like this: http://www.riflegear.com/p-38-midwest-industries-two-piece-forearm-carbine-length-mctar-17.aspx would I be able to get rid of the front sight post and use a railed gas block instead? The reason is I want to get rid of the front sight and use flip up front and rear sights. If this would work, which gas block would work? Or do gas blocks only work with FF systems?

Casual Observer
01-28-2009, 5:03 PM
That's a carbine length gas system so you would need the 7.0 rail.

You could run the 9.0, but you'll need to have the front sight post removed and replaced with a low profile gas block.

01-28-2009, 5:28 PM
Can you link me to what I would need? I really want the 9.0 rail.

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01-28-2009, 6:19 PM
call Chris at Addax they install this rail all the time.

01-28-2009, 6:49 PM
No interest in keeping your FSB and get a wrap around like this (http://riflegear.com/p-311-ar-15-lite-rail-95-fsp-carbine.aspx)?

01-28-2009, 7:13 PM
Hello all, new to the forum. I searched on here and google and turned up nothing. I am looking to buy a rail system for my Colt Ar. This is the colt I bought http://www.colt.com/law/lecarbine.asp and was looking to buy http://www.danieldefense.com/?page=shop/detail&product_id=115 it is the Daniel Defense Omega Rail 9.0. My questions are:

1. Will this 9.0 rail work on my AR or will I need the 7.0?

2. What else will I need to get the gun to run, a certain type of gas block?

Any help would be appreciated as I am pretty new to the AR realm. Thanks!!

- Fubar65 AKA Nick

If it is carbine length set up, and you want to retain the front sight post, the 7.0 Omega will work.

If you want to remove the front sight post and go with a low profile gas block, you can get the Omega 9.0 rail to work with your Carbine upper.

If you need any assitance, please give us a call.

We are a Daniel Defense Master Distributor and we install these rails all the time.


01-28-2009, 9:49 PM
Thanks for the replies guys, have a new question.