View Full Version : Need your advice...Winchester 88

01-26-2009, 4:49 PM
A buddy of mine has a .308 Winchester model 88 that he'd like to get rid of. Based on the serial number it was made in 1960. Finish is, well, I dunno the classifications. The stock has light scratches/scuffs/wear marks, all on the surface. No gouges or dents. The stock is smooth...no double diamond checkering or embossed basketweave, so I'm thinking it's a non-original stock from maybe a model 100. Metal still has lots of blueing, but is definitely worn. No metal scratches, except the top of the receiver looks to have been hit with 0000 steel wool, presumably to get rid of surface rust. Action is slightly stiff (dirt, grime) but moves well. Lockup and such feel good...no play in the lever or trigger.

He's asking $450. Whaddya guys think? Is this worth considering?