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In regards to hog hunting, DFG dosent want you to know the rules regarding section 4181.1. You CAN hunt at night for pigs on private property without a depredation permit. If you look at that section it dosent tell you the whole story. If you get a permission slip that says you are an AGENT of that property you can kill hog 24 hours a day. If the land owner has any ag or livestock and he thinks the pigs are worrying or causing damage or threating to cause damage you can hunt them any time. Heres the thing they dont tell you in the code, you have a 24 hour window to persue them upon this encounter. The farmer sees hogs in his alfalfa patch or standing next to his cattle feed or even just sees rooting next to his water lines he can call you and you can persue them at that point for 24 hours. Example, farmer sees a pig at 6am and it fits the criteria listed above, he calls you and you show up at 8pm that night you can hunt until 6am that next morning. I know the text written in the code dosent explain all that. I have an offical matrix written by the head honcho at dfg regarding this code. (otherwise known as the mcpherson law or senate bill 329). it is legal. I have been through it all with dfg officials and the court system. be sure to follow the rest of the laws guidelines and help a farmer out. Ive been using this law for almost ten years and the dfg hates it. It takes their authority away. Last year a warden gave me a ticket saying I wasnt following the law correctly. I brought all the information to the court and the judge determined no crime occured. Dfg is trying to make some changes but not any time soon. I suggest you go to the dfg office and enquire about the paper regarding the difference between depredation permits and the "encounter law". you will be suprised. As for that matrix, the dfg wont give you a copy anymore. They say is an inter office meme and not ment for the public. Ill check back to see if there are any questions. Happy hunting.....

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Inter office Memo's can be demanded via FOIA requests

there is no paperwork circulated in a government agency which can be 'not intended for the public'

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By the way the name of that paper that you want to ask for is the "guidelines for wild pig depredation"

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I encourage you to ask for the matrix as well its is dated august 19 1998. written by Richard Elliott chief wildlife protection. It is refered to as a matrix or morandum to all wardens regarding that law and how they are supposed trreat it

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Same goes for any animal listed in the game and fish code if its causing damage or threatening human health and safety.

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I got this off the dfg documents search part of their website WHAT RECORDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR INSPECTION?
In addition to the publicís right to access public records, California law recognizes both an individualís right of privacy and the need for state agencies to be able to competently perform their duties. To protect those interests, the Legislature has identified in the PRA and other statutes certain records and information that are exempt from public disclosure. A list of those exemptions is included in the PRA and should be consulted by anyone interested in seeing the full text of these exemptions. Below is a summary of a few of the most common exemptions:

commercial fishing data, including landing receipts, except as provided in Fish and Game Code section 8022;
preliminary drafts, notes, or inter-agency or intra-agency memoranda which are not retained by DFG or FGC in the ordinary course of business, provided that the public interest in withholding such records clearly outweighs the public interest in disclosure; :censored:

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Thanks for taking the time to put this out there! -gary

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I encourage you to ask for the matrix as well its is dated august 19 1998. written by Richard Elliott chief wildlife protection. It is refered to as a matrix or morandum to all wardens regarding that law and how they are supposed trreat it

Well, if your later post is correct, and it can't be PRAR'ed, how bout posting up your copy?

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Im gonna get it that matrix scanned and posted in here for all to annoy wardens...

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Im gonna get it that matrix scanned and posted in here for all to annoy wardens...

Plz do

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there it is the super secret official dfg document you are not supposed to see....... Happy hunting.. do me a favor and make a warden mad for me. thanks. P.S. Still hate wardens

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thanks, I'll be sure to let my hunter friends know about this.

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Good stuff...Thanks, BBS!

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Thanks for the info!

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Nice, saved for future reference if needed.

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Hate Secrets.

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Can you make photocopies for those who wants a physical copy and send you a self addressed stamp envelope to obtain one? I would love to keep one in my truck whenever I visit my uncle who owns a duck farm in Hollister and he occasionally gets a nuisance pig. :D

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Right now I cant find my own copy.

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I had thought that when depredation hunting for hogs with my cattle rancher friend here in Santa Cruz County, I could not hunt at night with a light.
I'm making a copy to show him. Thanks.

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Great info. Thanks.

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just downloaded and printed the matrix! a million and one thanks BBS!!!

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Good info thanks...... I have gone up 2 my friends ranch a couple times with him because a mountain lion was eating the sheep. We stayed in the barn all night waiting for the Darn Mountain Lion 2 show up he never did i always thought it was illegal to hunt a night also but my friends grandpa stated because it was eating the sheep u r able 2 shoot it at night.... never knew it was the same for wild pigs

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P.S. Still hate wardens

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