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10-18-2005, 7:13 PM
I can. These idiots just love to lie. Hopefully the President gets the correct bill to sign..

From the Brady campaign:

Raleigh, NC The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence today filed a lawsuit on behalf of the widow of a Wake County, North Carolina Sheriff's Investigator, charging that a gun shop's negligence helped arm his killer.

Investigator Mark Tucker was shot in the face with a shotgun and killed on February 12, 2004, by Matthew Grant, a convicted felon. The suit seeks to recover damages from Cary Jewelry & Pawn, who supplied Grant's friend, Van McQueen, with the 12-gauge Mossberg shotgun that was used to kill Investigator Tucker. Grant is also a named defendant.

The suit was filed in Wake County court and claims that Cary Jewelry & Pawn, of Cary, North Carolina, negligently and illegally sold the murder weapon to an obviously dangerous person.

In November 2003, Van McQueen and Matthew Grant went to Cary Jewelry & Pawn to buy a firearm. McQueen planned to purchase a firearm as a straw buyer for Grant, because Grant was a felon prohibited from buying guns, and in return Grant promised to buy McQueen a beer. McQueen was mentally deficient and was obviously intoxicated, and the shop's clerk refused to sell him a gun. Three days later, McQueen returned to the pawn shop with Grant, again wanting to buy a firearm. Although his home address was a local mission, McQueen had $120 in cash to buy the weapon. This time, even though the same clerk who had seen McQueen intoxicated three days earlier was on duty, the shop completed the all-cash sale. McQueen then transferred (transferred thats a nice to put it) the shotgun to Grant, who used it to shoot Investigator Tucker in the face, killing him. Grant was arrested, convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Investigator Tucker.

"The evidence in this case clearly shows that the gun dealer irresponsibly and illegally sold a shotgun to a man it knew to be dangerous," said Daniel R. Vice, Staff Attorney with the Brady Center. "The gun dealer chose to make a quick buck rather than protect public safety greed and recklessness caused the death of a brave law enforcement officer."

Investigator Tucker's widow is represented by attorneys with the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and by E. Spencer Parris of the Jones Martin Parris & Tessener Law Offices. The Brady Center represents victims of gun violence in lawsuits against irresponsible gun dealers and manufacturers who supply guns to criminals. Last year, the Center obtained settlements in three high-profile cases on behalf on gun violence victims last year, including victims of the Washington, D.C.-area snipers, totaling $4.4 million.

So there you have it. MORE lies and irresponsibility brought to you by the Brady Campaign. Man if they keep this up Mrs. Brady nose will start growing, oops too late.