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01-22-2009, 8:36 AM
I'm cleaning out the closet and have the following items for sale (cheap).

1) GE CB Radio Tranceivers model 3-5980A - $15/pair - SOLD
I bought these a few months ago on eBay. Why so cheap? I can't seem to figure out why they don't talk to each other. Both look new, power on, and you can select channels (on the digital display) but they don't seem to talk to each other or pick up any other CB chatter. If you can figure out how to make them work (solder monkeys), well, this would be a good price for you. Radios are sold AS-IS. PS: They are AA battery powered so they would be good for your survival kits.

2) Swiss breadbag - $8 - SOLD
I bought it on a lark but never found a use for this bag. It looks pretty tough and waterproof so you might have a use for it (or desire for Swiss army products). Looks original.

3) Logitech PlayLink Wireless Link Pair - $10/set - SOLD
This is the simplest wireless link you can buy. It simply bridges between two cubes using a 1.5Mbps 900Mhz RF link. Explained: Take the first cube and plug it into the wall. The ethernet cable then goes into your hub, router, or PC. You then take the second cube, plug it into the wall, and then into the remote device's ethernet port. Any traffic that goes up one network cable will go across the wireless link between the cubes, and then back into the other device.
WHY I bought the device: I had an XBOX360 that was located away from my wireless router (802.11G). As you may know, the Microsoft wants you to either buy a $99 USB WIFI dongle or you must shell out (at the time) >$50 for a wireless router you can then "bridge" to my existing wireless router.
While older and slower, this PlayLink set was cheaper and worked just fine for playing XBOX live for me.

Other uses: TIVO boxes don't need much bandwidth and these boxes require ZERO configuration.

Not Recommended: I wouldn't use this to stream video from your home network to a home theater PC. 1.5Mbps is the same speed as your average DSL link but isn't exactly LAN speed.

Anyway, I don't need it anymore so you may take it away for cheap.

I live in SF and work near the SJC airport. You can meet me at either location or along my commute route (Penninsula) after work. PM me if interested. If you want more of this stuff (plus my ruger 10/22 barrel posted in firearm parts), I'll be happy to cut you a deal. Will ship on your dime.


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Bump. make an offer for any of this crap. I'd rather it go to someone who wants it.