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01-22-2009, 12:47 AM
So I'm a student at Chico State and need money so I am selling my favorite rifle along with some accessories and a grenade launcher.

First up is my pride and joy, my M40A1. I've had this rifle for almost three years and dear god its still a tackdriver as most of you have known/felt. I have had confirmed shots at 90+ yards and this thing is stronger than hell but fully adjustable. It can be adjusted from 300 fps to 660 fps. I've created several at home upgrade guides for Tanaka rifle's based off of this rifle.

Upgrade lists as follows:

Tanaka M40A1 Pre-Ban with PCS Bolt(fairly rare nowadays)
King Arms Impact Plate
Best Gun hopup kit
Best Gun Nozzle
Dee's Custom's 6.01 583mm barrel
Creation Part 91 (full steel)
Taped barrel
teflon wrapped screws
King Arms striker spring (almost twice as thick as the original)
Epoxied shim's made for magwell to increase seal to o-ring
Sealed the magazine with silicone so there are NO leaks whatsoever
a few other small things here or there for better accuracy
BSA 6-24x 40mm Illuminated Scope with Uncle Mikes Rings

This rifle has been my baby for the past 3 years, overgoing several accuracy tests and working flawlessly everytime. Total I have put well over $800 into this rifle and it fires better than ever and consistently.

Make me an offer (NO LOWBALLS), someone would really have to motivate me to sell this seeing as how it is my pride and joy.

Comes with a scope/rifle wrap made of camo netting, it works and holds weeds/foliage like a charm.

$475 OBO, no lowballs. This rifle was originally priced at $600 but I have dropped the price for it to move.

Next up is a CAW M203 RIS with a full metal tube and metal RIS with ABS grip. Lightly used and painted to match my rifle, I can spray it flat black at buyer's request if he wants it. Two Madbull "King Grenades" are included, making this whole deal

$145 for the tube and both grenades.

Grenades both work fine and have seen minimal use, they are rated for CO2 but I have only used


and heres the page for the Madbull Grenades, they are still in like new condition and have been kept after very well.

01-28-2009, 12:04 AM
btt, need this gone. All proceeds going towards Remington 700 SPS V

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03-04-2009, 9:52 PM
I am currently looking into this rifle and this seems like it could b a good deal. My only question is what are the groupings and accuracy of the gun would help for me to decide.

03-10-2009, 2:13 PM
hey, sorry, but this is sold. Thanks for the email.