View Full Version : Mosin 91/30 Bedding and Fitting

01-22-2009, 1:40 AM
Hey guys, I'm literally right around the corner from you and I'm looking for a decent gunsmith in the area. I've got a quick and simple job for my mosin nagant 91/30 rifle.

I purchased an ATI aftermarket stock. Looks great, downside is that my rifle doesn't really fit in that well. I've read online that the stock needs to be "trimmed" down a bit depending on the rifle since it was designed for several varients of the mosin. I've spent about 30 minutes playing around with it but I'm no pro so I have no clue what needs to be trimmed seeing as how it still doesn't fit right.

Would it be possible for you guys to do this? If so, how much? If not, any recommendations for someone else in the bay area?

Thanks in advance.