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01-21-2009, 9:23 PM
i have some 1911 parts i want to get rid of.
2 wilson combat extended ejectors (new)
1 chip mccormack tactical mag catch (new)
1 mueschke stainless ambi safety (new)
2 standard safety levers 1 stainless 1 blued (lightly used)
1 stainless grip safety (lightly used)
1 beaver tail blued (lightly used)
1 complete mainspring housing (installed but never used ) 1 black plastic housing
1 used extractor (colt?) i had a few 1911"s and can't remember
3 plastic mag drop plates ( screws on the bottom of the mag plate )
4 stainless grip screw bushings (new)
15 stainless grip screws (new)
1 buffer and a few other oddball screws.
if you priced all this out it would be a few hundred i want 75.00 for it all and i will cover the shipping.