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Matt C
01-21-2009, 5:17 PM
Just noticed this:

Under the terms of a settlement of a class-action lawsuit that accused cosmetics
retailers and manufacturers of engaging in price-fixing (a violation of U.S. anti-trust laws), customers who between 1994 and 2003 purchased a product from one of the manufacturers named in the lawsuit will be eligible to receive one free cosmetics product.

For seven days beginning on 20 January 2009, retailers Bergdorf Goodman, Bergner's, Bloomingdale's, Boston Store, Carson Pirie Scott, Dillard's, Gottschalks, Herberger's, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Parisian, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Younkers will make a total of $175 million worth of cosmetics available to be claimed for free by anyone who purchased a cosmetics product from Boucheron, Chanel, Christian Dior, Clarins, Conopco, Estée Lauder, Givenchy, Guerlain, or L’Oréal between 29 May 1994 and 16 July 2003. Each claimant may select one product from one of the named manufacturers from which he or she purchased cosmetics during the specified timeframe.

No receipt or proof of purchase is necessary to claim a product. Cosmetics will be distributed on a first come, first served basis for as long as supplies last, and no rainchecks will be issued. Any products that remain unclaimed after the end of the seven-day distribution period will be given to charity.

A full listing of products that will be available, and the stores that will be distributing them, can be found at www.cosmeticssettlement.com.

01-21-2009, 5:27 PM
Yeah my girl went crazy at nordstorms..

She said you can only get one item..

01-21-2009, 7:18 PM
I was trying to figure what was going on. I was at South Coast picking up some cards for my son's valentines, and as I was walking outside I saw this line of at least 1000 people waiting to get into Nordstom. I called my wife to asked her if she knew what was happening, she didn't.

Annie Oakley
01-21-2009, 7:37 PM
I love Este Lauder, but I'm not going to stand in line for that.

01-22-2009, 11:01 AM
wow i guess i could use some nail polish for primer sealant

and coloring in my selector markings

ooh and some clear

01-22-2009, 11:29 AM
Each store was shipped a certain number of a particular item of each brand. Your free makeup is *that item* not *you pick out whatever you want at the counter and it's free.* My wife was telling me the details of it and I kind of ran the numbers real quick in my head: assuming the free item's original value was $10, there was only enough free product for 1 out of 6 American women. My wife works for Clinique, and she told me that they did indeed run out of the free items early. Women were coming in in the late afternoon and getting loud and indignant when they couldn't get their free item.

Soooo only 1 in 6 actually got something, and it was probably some lame chapstick or something. And they stood there for hours to get it.

Edit: I looked up the Clinique item, it looks like it's normal value would be around $20. If that were the average item value for all the various free items being given out, there'd be enough for 1 out of 12 women.

01-23-2009, 8:07 PM
Yeah my girl went crazy at nordstorms..

She said you can only get one item..

Yeah, my mother in law went to Macy's i think, she said the lines for free make up was crazy. She heard some ladies say that it was the 4th store the went to, to get free stuff. Ladies are hitting up all the stores to get as much free stuff as they can.

02-03-2009, 9:51 PM
I work at Macy's, so I wasn't eligible for the free stuff. I did see the list, though, and there wasn't anything on it that would make me stand in that line even if I could.

In our mall, there's also a Bloomingdale's, a Nordstrom's, and a Nieman Marcus. Some people came out and spent the whole day waiting in line.

02-27-2009, 10:31 PM
I'm STFU's wife, the one who works for Clinique.

Yeah, the Clinique item was a mini-jar of Moisture Surge that was probably worth about $15-$20. SO not worth the wait for that.

There was one lady who was pregnant, she went into a dressing room and changed her shirt, like, 4 times to get more free stuff. And there was a guy who would stand with a different chick every time and then, after he got the free thing, he'd come over and ask how much that item normally cost and then get on his cell phone and find someone to buy it from him. It was INSANITY!

By the way, speaking of free stuff, it's Bonus Time at Gottschalks Clinique counters right now, and on March 10 the Lancome Gift starts at Gottschalks. Estee Lauder is after Lancome - I think the date is March 31.