View Full Version : Once fired 5.7x28 brass for sale

01-21-2009, 3:38 PM
5.7x28 brass for sale
500 for $85

i have larger quantities if interested also

los angeles area

pm me or call
818-388-7731 Serge

01-21-2009, 5:16 PM
do you have other sizes, too?

01-21-2009, 8:26 PM
PM Sent

01-21-2009, 8:34 PM
I thought that 5.7 could not be reloaded

01-21-2009, 8:42 PM
I thought that 5.7 could not be reloaded

Oh yes it can. I've loaded thousands.

01-22-2009, 8:08 AM
well in that case I might have to look into getting a 5.7 weapon again

01-22-2009, 8:46 AM
I thought that 5.7 could not be reloaded

5.7 can absolutely be reloaded. There are some finicky issues with reloading it, but that is because of the two guns it was designed for, and NOT the ammo.

I'm building up an Encore rifle chambered in 5.7, and I will not have the issues that are present with the P90 and FiveSeven pistol. I'm planning on working up some nice hot and fast loads for it. Single-shot guns only, of course :)