View Full Version : Intel Q9300 Quad Core Yorkfield 45nm CPU **SPF**

01-21-2009, 10:53 AM
Howdy gents,

I just upgraded my rig's CPU to a Q9550, and now have a spare Q9300 that I'm not using. I installed this CPU into my Shuttle in September, and it has run flawlessly for the past 4 months. The stock speed is 2.53ghz, but I have been running it at 3ghz with a very mild, very stable and very easy OC. Specs are listed below:

Intel Q9300 Quad Core
45nm Yorkfield Architecture
Socket 775
6mb L2 cache
Stock Speed: 333FSB @ 7.5x multiplier for 2.5ghz @ 1.20v
OC Speed: 400FSB @ 7.5x multiplier for 3.0ghz @ 1.28v

The CPU runs nice and cool at OC speeds, with idle temps in the 30c - 40c range and load temps in the high 50c - low 60c range (depending, of course, on your case cooling setup).

Retails for $275, if you can find it in stock anywhere. Looking to get **SPF** OBO, will consider firearm-related trades.

I can post pics if there are any interested parties, but it looks like any other Q9300 CPU.

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bump with price reduction

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bump then bye bye....heading off the thebay.