View Full Version : WTS: Federal 210M Primers/ RL 17

01-20-2009, 9:27 PM
I have 1 complete case of federal 210m primers. All 1 lot! These primers are the most sought after primers on the market.

You can not find these anywhere.

$210 for 5k primers.

You save $15! Only Bruno's Shooting Supplies has them right now. After hazmat, shipping, and insurance it would be $225. No other place has them in stock.

I also have (2) 5lb. jugs of RL 17 for sale! It's one of the most sought after powder, and it's always sold out at the stores. Very hard to find.


$100 each, or two jugs for $195.

These are my overstock that need to go.

818/661 area. Face to face transaction.