View Full Version : 2001 DRZ400S Ohlins, W/2 Rim Sets And Plstcs $2,700

01-19-2009, 4:29 PM
It has LOTS of extras:

2 sets of rims and tires

2 seats...one of them is a Gel seat

3X3 air box mod

rejetted carb

full FMF exhaust system with Powerbomb header

2 sets of plastics, one yellow and one black

Off Road lights with light kill switch for off road.

UFO taillight/turnsignals

Oversize black tank


DeWayne Jones front forks

The bike has 22,000 miles as it was my commuter from Fairfield to
San Francisco. I took it off-road twice and it was not abused as I was a rookie in the dirt.

Probably more that I can't think of.

Looking to get a new APPLE computer and a Benelli Shotgun if you got these to trade (Notice I said "NEW" computer so please, nothing over a year old).


I know I have pics in my computer somewhere and will try to find them. PM me if you are interested and I will try to get you pics or you can come by and see it.

01-20-2009, 10:12 PM
I thought of some more things I put on it. Aftermarket skid guard, case plates.

01-27-2009, 6:59 PM
pics of bike

01-27-2009, 7:01 PM
I have driven one of these, they are very fun to ride. This is a really good deal, If I had the money I would jump on it.

01-27-2009, 10:04 PM
Thanks Longbeach...lot's of fun. Light weight, comfortable and quick!

01-27-2009, 10:11 PM
Hmmm.. tempting....... how flexible are you?

01-28-2009, 5:22 PM

01-29-2009, 4:16 AM
Interested in selling just the Ohlins shock?

If you kept the OEM parts, you'll get more money out of it by parting out the goodies and selling the bike cheaper..


01-29-2009, 4:55 PM
Sure, for $2,500 LOL Just kidding. Trying to raise money to buy a Benelli and would really like to sell it all together fast.

So, like I just posted...lowered price to $2,500 or best offer.