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01-19-2009, 12:56 PM
Hi All, I am having to clean out the back yard and the garage and have a number of things that I hope members can make use of.

In the interest of preserving image/memory on the forums I will be listing pics as requested or email them.If the pics are small enough I will post them.
Shipping or PU is possible depending on Location and the item. Shipping will be at whatever the PO,ups or fedex ground estimate is and please do let me know what your preference is.

Please feel free to ask questions,shoot off offers,etc-:D

Anyway here is the list and prices---

Prosine 1.0/1000 watt inverter that is NIB,was going to use it on a project and never did. Original cost was like $1k asking $400.00 (pic attached)

**Also have 2-3 other inverters that are in good shape but want to test them out before listing-been in the garage for 2-3 yrs. brands are-Tripplite,Xantrax,Prosine 2.0.

Subaru Factory radios- P120 a/f/cass/wb with cd controller,for 2001-2003 legacy models ,works fine. $30

Subaru Clarion Radio a/f/cass for older Impreza cars...worked fine. Basically free,if you can use it ,take it for shipping plus $2 for a basic coffee from Starbucks--;)

Subaru Rear Cargo area hold down rings/latches in Tan-used in the 2000-2004 Legacy and Outback Wagons.
How about $20 shipped?

Set of AxleShaft pins and nuts for Subaru Imprezas,Legacies and Outbacks. All new and good for spares or maintenance items.
How about $15 shipped?

Tires-9 used Dakota Enforcer MT,245/75/16 tires. Can use them for spares or for that offroad beater. Tread varies but I know at least one set of 4/5 can be made up to use for a decent amount of time. This would be a local or meet up item...obviously--:driving:
How about $90 for all ?

Set of 2 Rosen head phone sets for the 96-2001(?) Range Rovers that used this type of headset in the stereo system, 1 set like new,1 set has some use but still very good shape.
How about $30 shipped for both?

Any Pilots? I have a set of 4 WEMAC Machined aluminum AirVent assemblies that have rotating nozzles and alum disc center flappers.They have 4 hole screw mtg flanges.They are NEW but have some color degradation and that is the only thing wrong with them.I will email or post pic,p/n's,etc if requested.