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01-19-2009, 11:09 AM
If you live near San Jose, You should let your parents read this post.
They may take you shooting more often. :D

At the old San Jose range on South 10th St.

It was the old police training range, years ago, and is still owned by City of San Jose.

The Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club has an arrangement with the City, for the use of the range facility.

I’m quite seriously planning to open the range to the public for a new program, which I’m tentatively calling ‘Saturday Night at the Range’, as an ‘outreach’ program to bring in the public, particularly new shooters.

For this program, I’ll provide a number of 22 rifles, and a few handguns, 22 through 45, for basic safety/proficiency training. This will be either the second or fourth Saturday, beginning just after 1700, and continuing til 2100 or thereabouts. The event will be offered basically ‘for free’, with the end in view of, at the least, providing some basic safety/familiarization training to area residents who are ‘curious about guns’ or have bought a gun for self-defence but have no training in its use.
I say ‘free’, and it really is an outreach event to, among other things, attempt to reduce the possibility of gun-related accidents by providing basic instruction, but I do intend to ask nicely for donations of ammunition, particularly bricks of 22., and if anyone cares to donate a little bit of $ to help with the power bill, targets, etc., that would be appreciated.

I’ve no idea as to whether the public will be sufficiently interested, to make such a program worthwhile. If you’d care to publicise the event on the Calguns board, with the idea that any experienced shooter might bring a ‘newbie’ or young person, that would be appreciated. I am planning to advertise on Craig’s list, as well, to see whether enough of the public will respond. The range is operated by volunteer rangemasters for those public hours.

We (I’m on the board of the SCVRC) open the range for the public every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening from 1830 to 2130, and on Saturday afternoons from 1400 to 1700.

The range use fee is $5/hr during public hours is $1/hr for juniors (under 18, but with the ‘catch’ that a parent/guardian must be present with the young person) Most of the Club rangemasters don’t watch the clock closely, so usually the use fee is the basic $5 for an evening of shooting. This fee level is basically a ‘donation’ to help with the P G&E and phone bills, help pay for targets and cleaning supplies, etc.

Our operation is totally ‘non-profit’, rather dramatically so, in fact, and any donations from anyone wishing to help out with keeping the range open will be greatly appreciated.

The old range isn’t ‘fancy’ like, say, Target Masters……it’s a plain and very basic old facility, actually, 50 foot distance with 1950’s hand-crank target carriers.

We do not rent guns or sell ammunition, but do provide eye/ear protection if someone hasn’t their own.

The nature of the old backstop is such that no magnum or hard-ball (military ball or ‘full metal jacket’) handgun rounds may be fired there. Plain lead, or copper-plated lead bullets are acceptable, as are ‘JHP’ hollow-points, or any jacketed bullet with an open lead tip.

Smallbore (22 rimfire) rifles are acceptable, and an individual rangemaster has the option to allow use of .22 mag rimfire. Rifles in the 25-20 or 32-20 caliber range, such as the Winchester M92, may be allowed at the discretion of the rangemaster, if fired only with lead bullet handloads, loaded down to ‘mid-range’ or ‘gallery’ load levels. Some of our Club rangemasters will prohibit any rifles other than 22 rimfire, so if you wish to fire a centre-fire rifle with ‘gallery’ loads, e-mail me to make arrangements. Shotguns may be fired with lead pellets up to 00 buck, but not steel shot or slugs.

Anyone who is interested in this ‘outreach’ program is invited to e-mail me, my e-mail address is carla@tactical-link.com (carla@tactical-link.com)