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01-18-2009, 7:00 PM
I went fishing with a couple of friends today. They got to my house at around 7:30 and we headed out. It was a cold day with highs expected in the upper 20's. After we stopped for breakfast and some gas we were on our way. When we got to the river there was a lot less ice on the water than the previous two time I had been there (this was a good sign). After arriving at the "honey hole" we got geared up and headed down to the water. After a little bit we started to get into fish. The fish today were not monsters but were nice (the largest two I caught both measured 20"). The hard thing about today was the cold, our guides would ice up after only three casts. I actually had to get out of the water at one point today as I could not feel my feet (I was wearing heavy wool wading socks). At about 2:00PM we decided to give the hole a rest and we all headed back to grab some food. One of my friends had to leave so he took off. Paul and I finished our food and headed back to the river. We each got into some more fish after the lunch break. We continued to fish until around 5:30 and decided that it was time to leave as by this time the cold was starting to outweigh the fun. Overall it was a pretty fun day.







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I like your day :)

01-19-2009, 6:30 AM
Was that a fly rod you were using there? Well done.

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Was that a fly rod you were using there? Well done.

Is there any other type of rod :confused: ;)

01-19-2009, 7:53 AM
So what to you like to do more, catch those monsters or catch a bunch of those little ones?

01-19-2009, 8:20 AM
So what to you like to do more, catch those monsters or catch a bunch of those little ones?

I like both but for different reasons. The place in this report is a “known” river so it receives a lot of fishing pressure. In the warmer months I tend to fish it during the week so I do not have to deal with the crowds. The small waters I go to are far off the beaten path, so needless to say I never see a soul when I am there. Also the fishing is completely different; the browns in this river take nymphs in the winter and slowly slurp dries in the summer. In the spring, summer and fall moths I typically will fish the river 50/50 dries and nymphs and almost 100% nymphs in the winter. The browns are awesome and fight hard even the smaller 17” ones fight great. The browns there are nice with most in the 17-22” range, there are some larger and the smallest I have ever caught out of there was 16” on tape.

The small waters I fish pretty much 100% dry flies. The little redbands are small but very feisty. Now when you match up small (usually between 7-12” with a few in the 13-16” range) feisty fish with ultra light equipment (I fish the small waters with a 000WT rod and a 1WT) the fight is just as fun as it is with the bigger fish. The fish in the small waters I fish are very aggressive feeders they (more often than not) will go ariel when taking a dry fly, and you can usually expect a show once they are hooked. I do like the solitude of the smaller waters better than the crowds but fighting bigger fish is fun as well. If I had to pick only one I would take the small waters.

01-19-2009, 1:09 PM
Very cool wish I could have been there.

01-19-2009, 6:50 PM
Very cool wish I could have been there.

It was an ok day, the fishing was not spectacular but it was pretty good. This place does pick up as it warms up.

Here are a few of the pics that I initially did not post. I have more pics on the way from my buddies camera.






01-19-2009, 7:19 PM
great pics.....keep up with these posts and you might see a few more of us Kalifornians making a run for Idaho.......

01-21-2009, 11:36 AM
Here are a few pics from my friend's camera (sorry for the size but he could not figure out how to send the full sized ones to me ;) )