View Full Version : Surf CalGuns w/a Brand New MacBook! 4gb Ram 500gb HD w/WARRANTY Office 08 + TONS MORE

01-15-2009, 3:52 PM
I'm throwing up a VERY lightly used MacBook just bought in December, PRACTICALLY NEW! insanely quick with 2.1ghz Core 2 Duo
BLAZING 4gb RAM and a GINORMOUS 500gb Hard Drive!!

I have always used a keyboard cover when I use it and a MacAlly leather shell, both are not included.

It's already got the following software on it but I'll wipe it back to factory brand new for you if you want:
Leopard OS X 10.5.6
Office '08 Special Media Edition
Microsoft Expression
Windows XP running on Parallels
VMWare (in case you don't like paralles)
Toast Titanium HD
iLife '08
iWork '09
Adobe Creative Suite 4 (Photoshop, Premiere, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks, Encore, Bridge, ton other)

Warranty is good till November 27th '09 and you can still add in AppleCare EXTENDED WARRANTY until then direct from APPLE!



$1350 1250 obo; Would cost you over $2,000 from Apple!
Can meet FTF in Yorba Linda or PM for shipping. Can also deliver within reason.

01-15-2009, 5:48 PM
Holy cow, that's a smokin deal. If I only had a job. One question, how much pron will be included in the deal :D

01-16-2009, 5:59 PM
you know you want this war machine!

01-18-2009, 11:42 AM
Could this come with an hour's worth tutorial for my wife (she's on an older Mac now but needs "updating" - Ha there's an opening line for ya)
She needs it to be able to talk to her scanner and printers. An Artistic type - ya know?
I'll treat Starbucks. And Careful, she DOES shoot although we both lost our CCW's when the new sheriff (small s) came to town.
Also I PM'd ya redundantly.

Meanwhile, I'll show her your ad to gauge interest.

01-19-2009, 7:42 PM
This would cost you over $2,000 from apple!

01-19-2009, 8:29 PM
Per PM, I'll take it .