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Mark One
01-15-2009, 3:25 PM
So my Troy BUIS came in the mail from Larue Tactical 2 days ago. With all the swag Larue throws in and the fast shipment I think I will dub them the most kick *** company around, followed by Addax with a close second (I am sorry but the Dillo won me over).

Anyways I have the BUIS mounted on my upper but I have a couple questions with it.

1st. My "Adjustment Wheel" is on there tighter than a fat chick on a Twinkie and I cannot get it to move by hand. With t a screw driver it will turn no problem. I was told I have to depress the detent at the bottom of the "wheel" but after messing with it for awhile I don't see anyway to do it by hand. Where the Troy BUIS just meant to be adjusted once and than that's it? Will I have to keep a bullet with me to adjust it or am I missing some secret ninja way to adjust it?

2nd. Whats the best way to sight it in? Look through the barrel and try to match the view through the barrel with the view through the sites? Whats the best range to do that at? Is there a better way?

On a side note this marks the end of my building process and the first range day should be sometime next week. Or this weekend if I am lucky. I am going to go to On Target first, get any problems worked out close to home rather than driving to LA and finding out it doesn't go boom....

01-15-2009, 4:13 PM
1) How often do you anticipate adjusting your windage? Thought so.

2) Depends on your intended range, what's your barrel length? Purpose of rifle? For your typical AR with 223 people zero at 50. That provides a 1-2" lower POI < 50 yards, zero at 50, 1-1 1/4" high at 100 yards and zero again at 200 yards.

01-15-2009, 4:52 PM
sighting in, make sure you have some match ammo like prvi to really know where you're at at the end.

i start by shooting dirt until i'm sort of able to get onto paper.

if you're sighting at 50 make sure you have binoculars or some sort of magnification so you can see the holes so you don't have to wait til the end of the shooting period to adjust.

i like to use those varmint targets because the windage is usually minimal adjustment and most of the adjusting is done with the front post. so the longer target gets you on hiviz faster so you can start fine tuning.

make sure you have a tool to turn the front sight post.

01-15-2009, 5:29 PM
If you look at the side of the sight, there are little holes. In one of the holes, there is a little silver detent. This holds the sight's windage. Take a bullet that is pointy enough and depress the detent. You can now turn this wheel.

ETA: NM you already knew that. yeah, just keep a bullet with you or some sort of small thin object.