View Full Version : FS: Experimental Thompson 1928 straight stock!

01-15-2009, 1:15 PM
I have a test stock I made for a 1928 Thompson. We had a theory that a straight stock would vastly improve the ergonomics of the rifle and bring it into the modern age- we were right! Problem is, we don't have a 1928 pattern to put it on, this was a spare stock I did as a test (buddy needs an M1 pattern stock, which I will do next).

It will reduce muzzle rise, improve sight picture, yadda yadda. It has a $25 grind-to-fit Hogue recoil pad, and the cut is bonded with brass pins and epoxy for longevity. The stock was angled straight back, shortened a touch, and re-countoured. It handles wonderfully :)

It would really help out the subgun competition guys, but I thought I'd give my CA brethren first shot at this. I'm betting the gripless (or wedged) guns feel much better with this too.

$75 shipped. Does not include hardware, jsut th ebutt pad (mounted), and the cross bolt strengthener. It is still cut on the bottom for the sling mount. I didn't fill the OEM buttplate mount part on top, but you could if it bothered you.

The stuff on the butt pad isn't glue, it's a little excess polyurethane wood finish.