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01-13-2009, 8:15 PM
Hey everyone,

Very happy to be part of this site. I just got into shooting and am still doing my research to find the right type of gun to start this awsome hobby. Can't believe all the info avaible on here. I've been shooting mostly 9mm Glocks and XD's at the local range and thought that was the best I could hope to start with. Gotta say that 1911's are awsome, thinking i'm gonna start with a Kimber or Springfield and take it from there.

Glad to be here and appreciate your input. Thanks

01-13-2009, 9:13 PM
Welcome Rampos, You're gonna enjoy it here! :cool:

01-15-2009, 12:09 PM
welcome... i joined recently too. been lurking for a long time - there's tons of great info here..

01-15-2009, 1:12 PM
Get yourself an entry-level Kimber Custom II when they go on sale next at your local store and you'll be a very happy camper.

Are you in SoCal? Turners currently has the Colt 1991's on sale. $799. I've considered getting one of these myself, But I'm saving up for my Kimber stainless target II in 10mm :)

01-15-2009, 2:50 PM

you're about to be poor