View Full Version : Blades for Sale - Graymans, Szabo, M-9

01-04-2009, 5:32 PM
I have the following blades for sale:

Grayman West Nile with no serrations. 8" blade with choil, 13.4" overall, 1/4" stock. Tan handle with black blade. New condition. $180 shipped.

Grayman Dinka. 4.25" blade, 7.25" overall, 1/4" stock. Black handle with satin finish. New Condition. $130 shipped.

Grayman Dinka. 4.25" blade, 8" overall, 1/4" stock. Tan handlw with satin finish. Used condition with slight chip on front of the blade - can definitely be repaired. $110 shipped.

Laci Szabo Jaws 2 (?) wharncliffe fixed blade. 6" knife with choil, 10.75" overall, 3/16" stock. Never been used but the black finish on the blade has scuffs from the leather sheath. $120 shipped OBO.

Lan Cay M-9 bayonet. Used quite a bit. $45 shipped

Email for pics. I accept paypal with 4% fee.

Thanks for looking.