View Full Version : CA & TX Dual Residency, who knows the TX laws?

01-01-2009, 12:58 PM
So here is the deal..........

I'm a current CA resident who just purchased a house in TX. For the time being, I plan to keep residency in both states. Also for the time being I plan to keep my CA drivers license.

What can I do in TX in regards to purchasing guns? Can I get a TX ID card? What do I need to purchase guns in TX? For the sake of argument, the said guns will remain in TX. Anyone have a link for a good TX gun website similar to Calguns?


01-01-2009, 3:24 PM
Get a Texas ID card, you'll need proof of residency, is about as difficult as the requirements that you need here to purchase a handgun. 1 official ID(Passport etc.) with pic or a secondary or 2 secondary ID's.

As for what's needed, hmm let's see.

1-Texas ID
3-Ability to pass the instant background check.
4-Empty hand to carry out gun in about 2 minutes after you fill out the Federal Form.

That's about it.

You really won't see a Texas calgun equivalent site as there are few reasons for one. Nothing to really ***** about, unless you want to Open Carry.

Let me see we have loaded conceal(pistol) in car, no registration, no restrictions on carrying loaded rifles, cash and carry sales between people, Class III friendly, easy to get CCW and lots of space to go shoot that is easy to get to.

The closest will be the Texas CCW websites.