View Full Version : New to Calguns, Hello from Downey (LA area).

12-30-2008, 9:56 PM
Hello all!

I am new to Calguns, I have enjoyed reading the posts on the forums as I waited for my registration to be approved.

I'm from Downey, CA, it's in So Cal between LA and Orange County.

I was wondering if there were any other Calgunners from my area?

I'm currently interested in getting an SKS rifle, a Glock after that, and then a CA Legal AR.

I'm also interested in talking to anyone that has experience in the military, I'm thinking about joining next year, I am a college graduate, and I'm 28 years old, and out of shape, so I would like to join as an officer, and I am planning on physical training a lot before I sign up. I am looking into the Marines or the Airforce. Am I crazy for thinking about becoming an officer in the Marine Corp? I work in the film industry, and I'm a photographer, and I also teach, but I am at one of those points in your life when you start to think about the future, that is fast approaching.