View Full Version : New to Calguns, Hello from Downey (LA area).

12-30-2008, 9:55 PM
Hello all!

I am new to Calguns, I have enjoyed reading the posts on the forums as I waited for my registration to be approved.

I'm from Downey, CA, it's in So Cal between LA and Orange County.

I was wondering if there were any other Calgunners from my area?

I'm currently interested in getting an SKS rifle, a Glock after that, and then a CA Legal AR.

I'm also interested in talking to anyone that has experience in the military, I'm thinking about joining next year, I am a college graduate, and I'm 28 years old, and out of shape, so I would like to join as an officer, and I am planning on physical training a lot before I even consider it. I am looking into the Marines or the Airforce. Am I crazy for thinking about becoming an officer in the Marine Corp? I work in the film industry, and I'm a photographer, and I also teach, but I am at one of those points in your life when you start to think about the future, that is fast approaching.


12-30-2008, 10:09 PM
welcome CaliSurvivor, I live here by the 710 and the 60 freeway. and in the California National Guard.

01-03-2009, 12:04 PM
Nothing wrong with joining the Marines,I mean, go big or go home right? :D I spent a few years in the Marines and am currently in the Army. Best lifestyle I could ever hope for! My best suggestion is to get your running down pat! Run in the morning, and run at night, slowly building up your endurance, the rest of it will come along as well! A simple isometrics/isotonics workout plan coupled with running will get you in shape fast!

01-03-2009, 2:15 PM
The Marine Corps is on a rapid expansion of our ranks right now. We're short on new officers though, so I'd think that the Corps would take you so long as you pass the muster. The Air Force has been hemorrhaging personnel for the past couple years like it's cool. You'll have to be in pretty good shape checking into OCS. Some of the company grades that I know recommend going in running a 20- or 21-minute three mile, the standard 100 crunches in two minutes and at least 15-18 pull-ups. I definitely agree with Stormfeather about the running, although I'd recommend a run for endurance in the morning and then a sprints workout in the evening to increase your speed. It really depends on you. But the only way you get better at running is by running. Don't run on a treadmill because that only works in the Air Force of Navy. Hardtop is where it's at. If you can, run uphill. Pull-ups, just work on them, alternate between outboard and inboard grip. Overall, don't give up. Your mind will want to give up before your body will. Have the right mindset and you can accomplish anything. Welcome to the forums and best of luck.