View Full Version : NRA Convention.

12-29-2008, 4:21 AM
The NRA's annual convention will be in Phoenix May 14 thru May17 next year.

I expect we will see record attendence and as such, it will be a opportunity to do massive networking.

I expect that we will see a record number of people at the convention and many are concerned about the Dem team (Obama, Pelosi, and Reid) and their gun rights.

It is obvious that alot of action will be happening in California and that if we win here, it may stop Federal legislation cold because Blue dog Dems want to stay in office.

I know that 90 to 95 percent of the people who go there probably won't do anything to help us, but even with those numbers, we could pick up ongoing financial support from possibly 2,000 to 5,000 people.

Last NRA convention had 65k people, I expect this one to top that and if people are really motivated, we could have 6 to 12 thousand people from outside of California helping us.

The motivation is simple. Spend some pennies now and go on offense in California or pay big dollars later and go on defense for the whole country.

No one wins a war playing defense, the only way you win a war is to go on offense. Our actions here will force anti gun forces into defense.

Many of us attend the local NRA members councils, what we need to do is figure out how many people we know are actually going to go and see if we can coordinate activities.

The convention should be fun for us, and if enough of us are going, we should host nice private Calgun events every evening.

People will come for drinks and food.

Yes we will have to spend some money, perhaps some of you who can't make it would donate to the cause.

If nothing else, it would make for a real fun weekend.

Are you guys game?