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12-28-2008, 7:02 AM
Shot my first deer Friday.
It was opening day of an antlerless (doe) holiday season out here in Oklahoma - I was visiting relatvies and brought my Sako 7mm rem mag.
I went to my cousins house and hunted on their 50 acres.
The have a bunch of cattle on their property but the back side is heavily wooded and is frequently used by deer as a travel corridor.
I got out their at their property around 0530 (sun up was at 0715) my cousin didn't get out their till 0630 (he lives in town these days) so I spent an hour talking to my aunt and uncle who were both up already.
When my cousin arrived we drove the ranch truck about half way down the property then parked and walked the rest of the way in the dark.
There were a bunch of cows that we spooked off, they made a bunch of racket leaving and my cousin said it was't a good thing but might help with our scent since the smell of cattle is so strong and deer were used to it.
We settled down at the base of a couple of trees that we had picked out the day before all decked out in our orange vest and orange hats.
The whole time we kept hearing semi automatic gun fire in the valley.
The first gun shots we heard were at 0630 (more than 1/2 before sun up so a no no) it was about 6 straight rounds of semi automatic gun fire.
Around 0700 we started hearing more and more semi automatic rounds, there would be 5 to 7 straight shots with a few minute break followed by a bunch more.
I have no idea if someone got a new gun and was shooting up their land or they were trying to take out some deer.
Anyway all that gunfire was a bit unnerving for us since we were trying to be as still and quiet as possible so as not to spook any deer that might be in the area.
Three of the cows we had run off earlier decided to come back into the woods and check out what was going on - one of them was standing within 10 feet of me - they finally decided we were boring and went back out over to the hay pile for breakfast.
We were sitting in our spot for about 1/2 hour tring not to move around much.
The guy on the back side of their property came out and fired up his tractor and started moving hay out for his cattle.
He had two dogs who headed from the house straight towards us - they hit a fence on the backside of the property and turned and headed away.
With all this commotion I figured we wouldn't see anything but at least I was out in the woods enjoying nature and I had three days of hunting ahead....so I thought.
I found out later my cousin almost got up and came and got me to go somewhere else but luckily he didn't especially when I scooted around the tree (more on that later) so he couldn't see me anymore.
I was sitting next to a tree and could look around and see my cousin and see down the forest line where he told me the deer usually come from.
Sure enough I saw some movement (couldn't tell what just movement) in the direction he told me.
I scooted around the tree (very slowly) and squared up and focused in on the area the movement was coming from - I couldn't see anything but kept looking.
I noticed something brought my rifle up and sure enough there was a deer standing there looking right at me about 70 yards away.
There was a little brush but I had a pretty unobstructed view.
Problem was I had cranked my scope down to 3X so I didn't have a real good scope picture at that range (I thought in the brush the shots would be at much shorter ranges so I cranked it down in the morning at the house).
I slowly brought my gun back towards me and cranked the scope up to 9X - my scope is real tight so it takes quite a bit of pressure to adjust it.
The deer was still looking right at me so I was trying to be very slow - got the scope adjusted and back on target.
I was lining up to take a shot and another deer came in from the left so I paused and a third deer came in from the right.
So here are 3 deer - one looking right at me, one to the left and one to the right - the ones on the side are almost broad side and the one in the middle I can only see her chest.
I decided the one in the center was the biggest and the one I wanted - the two to the sides gave me enough room but were pretty close in
I decided that I better take the shoot because in a few seconds I wouldn't have one
From the time I spotted the deer to this time was all about 30 - 45 seconds.
I lined up and took the shot!
After bringing the gun back down from the recoil there was nothing there
I couldn't see anything I didn't know if I missed or ?? I thought I had the shot pretty well lined up.
The deer I targeted took the round straight in the chest (exactly where I was aiming) and dropped straight down without taking a step
There was one entrance wound right front chest and no exit wound
From where I was at I couldn't really make her out lying on the ground she blended in perfectly with the leaves.
I stayed where I was at and told my cousin there were two others.
We waited and the other two left the woods to cross a valley and head down towards a creek
He lined up but didn't take the shot because they were moving too fast
He stalked them for about 1/2 hour but never found them again - they were out of there.
She was a very nice sized doe, about 70 pounds
Good long range shot perfectly placed - I was pretty happy - my cousin was pretty excited he has killed lots of deer but I guess it has been a while
We were back up at the house by 0800 to get a knife
We hung an orange hat in a tree above where she was lying to help us find her when we came back
We drove the truck with the knife back down to the the woods right next to where she was lying (maybe 100 yards back into the woods)
We gutted her, carefully removed the stomach and intestines so as not to puncture any bile or colon sacks
Looked for the bullet but never found it.
Once we had her gutted we each took a rear leg and drug her out of of the woods over to the truck
We threw her in the back of the truck and drove up to the house
My uncle told me to drag out a pallet and put her on it (good idea it kept the hide clean and dry) and washed out her body cavity
My aunt called around and found a local butcher who would cut her up for $65.
I dropped her off and my mom is going to pick her up next week and send it out to me since I leave for CA on Monday
When I dropped her off they had me fill out some paper work and asked me where the deer tag was
I showed him my license I bought on the internet (it cost $210 for a non resident deer license - I could have got another deer under the same license for another $51 but who needs that much venison) and he said that wasn't good enough
He told me to write my name adress and license number on a piece of paper and take it down the road to a check in station to get a tag
The check in station was very close inside a sporting goods shop
They wrote down all my license info, how much the deer weighed and where it was taken from
They gave me a deer tag and sent me on my way all legal
We were all done shooting turtles on the pond by noon
I took pictures but my dad's camera was messed up and all I got was black screens.....
That's your Oklahoma Holiday Season opening day report.