View Full Version : San Diego Bird Hunting?

12-27-2008, 11:59 AM
I went grouse huninting in Idaho with a buddy and I'm hooked. Is there any type of bird hunting in the San Diego area?

What do I need in way of permit or license?

What's in season?

Specific areas?

12-27-2008, 1:37 PM

DFG San Diego Office
4949 Viewridge Avenue, San Diego, CA 92123 (858) 467-4201

San Diego has good numbers of dove and quail. Information is available on the DFG web site and at the local office.

12-27-2008, 2:39 PM
Are you familiar with the DFG site? How about a specific link if you can find it.

I've spent 20 minutes and can't find a map that has all of the different state fed and private areas to bird hunt in SD... Talk about a cluster of a web site. It looks like were in season though...depending on what quadrant I'm in... http://www.dfg.ca.gov/regulations/08-09-upland-game-bird.html

12-27-2008, 7:29 PM
Dove is in season up until the 31st. I know crow is soon. I think pheasant is over andf turkey is coming in April IIRC. San diego has decent turkey hunting if you can get on private property. Dove is out in the Imperial valley and AZ. Pheasnat around here is mostly planted by DFG.