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12-23-2008, 12:47 PM
Guys, we have the "Heller Case" because one many Robert Levy stepped up on principle and funded the case.

We can't keep defending gun rights where a few people carry the load for everyone else.

Right now, gun manufacturers are making record sales and that means record profits.

If we lose our gun rights, we lose our guns, but we move along.

If we lose our gun rights, gun manufacturers are out of business, so they not only have a vested interest in our success, but they have a duty to their investors to keep us happy customers.

I realize the industry has the NSSF, but the NSSF will take things very slowly, like all big organizations, it probably is infested with people who will always find reasons not to take any action.

We all are customers and we spend alot of money on guns, gear and accessories.

I propose that we find out directly which manufacturers are committed to helping us.

Randy Barrett of Barrett Arms says he won't do business in California because of California gun laws.

He took a principled stand, the rest should do the same and we should call them on the carpet.

After Nordyke, we are going to have opportunities for many court battles, but the problem we are going to have is funding.

The Gun Manufacturers are making record sales, I can't buy that they don't have money.

Any actions we take here in California will slow down, maybe even stop Federal legislation in its tracks, but we have to have momentum.

Jan 15 will be a huge day regardless of which way the court rules in Nordyke.

Many of us won't be able to go to San Fran that day, but what you can do is take this poll.

I know that Gene and the gang will do the right thing.

Don Kilmer LLP is modest, but Don Kates told me a few years back that Don Kilmer is one of the best trial attornies he has every seen, so I expect him to tear Alameda to shreds.

Some of us view lawyers as sharks, well, Don Kilmer makes a Great White look like a guppy fish. There will be blood, lots of it, Alameda is going downnnnnnn.

The banquet after the court hearings will be very critical.

Think big, aim high. Sure the following is a wish list, it is in my dreams, but if you don't visualize a goal, you will never achieve it.

1. AW ban repeal
2. 922 repeal, stupid foreign made gun restrictions.
3. Strip "good cause" out of ccws
4. Repeal SB15
5. Repeal AB23
6. Repeal orginal Roberti Roos AW ban
7. Repeal of portions of GCA 1968, hell, the whole bill
8. Repeal Hughes amendment(1986 machinegun ban)
9. Repeal of open carry ban.
10. Restore Commerce Clause back to original intent.

I would like you to imagine that we had financial backing which I believe the gun manufactures could provide.

No other business I can think of has their customers defending their existence.

I don't see consumers of alcohol, tobacco, fast foods etc fighting for and funding protecting their rights to buy these products.

I do see the companies who make such products setting aside funds to defend themselves and going on the offense to promote their products.

Our group buys all sorts of guns, but especially the EBR's and handguns.

The NSSF is large, but it is bureaucratic, which means, they are slow to act if they will act at all.

I propose that we contact the CEO's of each manufacturer directly with a business plan and how they can help.

These forum is very diverse and the leadership of this forum has shown that they are extremely professional.

Firearm Manufacturer CEO's have choices.

If they are really committed to our gun rights, they will get back to us and just say, I looked at your plan, here is what I can do to help.

If they say we work with the NSSF and tell us to work with the NSSF, in my opinion, they are less than committed to our rights.

There may be some jealousy from other gun groups with Calguns and that is why we must contact the CEO's of companies directly.

We have many talented people with diverse skills and we have a broad demographic representation this forum that covers the whole state.

Most of the legal battles are going to be at the local level, we are rapidly becoming geared up to actually do such battles.

We don't have to get approval from Fairfax Virginia to take action.

I don't buy the crap that gun manufactures can't help us, if nothing else, they owe it to their investors to get involved with us because if we fail, what are their options.


12-23-2008, 12:52 PM
You forgot AB50.

12-23-2008, 12:53 PM
Let's watch who are friends are.

The NSSF while nominally supporting RKBA can get into contorted retailer situations such that it backs an entity like Kathy Lynch's CAFR, who (along with CRPA lobbyist Gerry Upholt) supported the 'safe handgun' laws. We have to realize that some large gun retailers' financial interests sometimes (on the short term) diverge from pure RKBA interests.

BTW I believe Ronnie Barrett will sell unbanned (i.e, non-50BMG) guns into CA, he just won't sell to gov't agencies.

12-23-2008, 1:02 PM
I didn't hit multiple choices before submitting poll.

Sorry guys. If admin can fix this,great.

I hope you guys get my drift though.

Due to unforseen work problems, co worker got seriously injured on job, I hope I can at least make the hearing, but I will have to get down to San Jose when you guys are having the banquet.

Job security can also have it's downside unfortunately. Only a few people do what I do at work.


12-23-2008, 10:46 PM
A. Don't expect any help from anybody but yourself.

B. Let the lawyers among us pick the cases.

c. Lay off the caffeine for at least three hours before you post a poll.:D

M. Sage
12-23-2008, 11:06 PM
We can't force people to do anything. They're free to do (or not) as they wish. If they want to help, then that's great and we'll know it and remember it. But I won't hold it against anybody if they decide not to fund us.